2016 Cadillac ATS Review

Overview: In 2013, Cadillac announced that they would be launching a sports luxury sedan. It would be able to challenge the sports franchises of BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus. The elucidation was taken as the hypothetical statement of the Cadillac engineers. It was used for the amusement unless the Cadillac ATS …

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2016 Honda CR-V Review

Overview: Honda has worked over some classic innovation. Among that discovery you will get the customer of luxury, the “CR-V”. Because of its powertrain and exclusive performance tree, it lies under the heading of SUVs. Honda has practiced the motions of safety at height. Not just the CR-V, the company …

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2016 Ferrari 488 Review

Overview: Ferrari has all the fame that a supercar manufacturer needs. From street skirmish to the F1 tracks, it offers speed, acceleration, and handling altogether. A proof of its performance can be derived from Ferrari FXX K of 2015, which is capable of showing optimized performance up to 1050 hp. …

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2016 GMC Canyon Review

Overview: It’s pretty hard to drive in the canyons for the amateurs. But for an expert, it’s really an adventure. So is the GMC Canyon. Canyons are pretty economical over the wallet. The pricing starts from $21,900. As compared to the other small pickups the price level of Canyon is …

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2016 Dodge Charger Review

Overview: Dodge Charger is the oldest franchise of this automobile company. It has been in production since 1966. The 2016 Dodge Charger is the seventh generation in the franchise. The present franchise has 9 different models, with slightly same shape but different characteristics. The price range of the franchise begins …

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2016 Acura NSX Review

Overview: Acura is the franchise of the famous automotive industry Honda. The franchise is specific for its luxury and speedy cars. It has been renowned for a distinctive motor engineering in the North America since the late 80’s. The fame of the series brought it to Hong Kong, Mexico, China, Russia …

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2016 Audi A3 Review

Overview: Audi A3 is another dimension of the cars’ creation that offers luxury, speed, and the economy at a time. This urban motor vehicle is shorter in size than the regular luxury cars. However, it is powerful than some hatchback sports cars and pretty economical when it comes to price. The …

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2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Review

Overview: Alfa Romeo has a strength and experience of a century for designing, modelling and making cars. Giulia and its sub – models are the D – Segment vehicles. Giulia is the successor of the Alfa Romeo 159. Since 2014, the company had been in the effort to design a …

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2016 Jaguar F – Type (SVR) Review

Overview: Among the franchise of the Jaguar F – Type SVR is the fastest model ever built since their last fastest model launched in 1992. Jaguar Land Rover formerly was a British company launched in 1922. Going through a number of phases implicated by the World Wars the company had …

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2016 Pagani Huayra Review

Overview: The 2016 Pagani Huayra is definitely not less than a street skirmishing monster. It is manufactured by an Italian company named Pagani Automobili pronounced as Waira in Italian language. This car has replaced a mini monster Zonda in 2012. Huayra is the name of an Italian  Mythical god Huayra – …

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