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Why There’s Vibration When Braking a Car

This does not happen to all cars but sometimes, a vehicle may vibrate or shake a lot when the driver slowly steps on the brake pedal during the ride. Vibrations can be annoying or worrisome. Even though we are looking at a common car problem, it is still best to learn why

How to Keep a Black Car Clean

Most people would say that a white car is tough to protect from dirt and scratches. Same goes for black cars, too. A black car easily loses its luster if it has a lot of scratches. Unfortunately, scratches are difficult to spot. You have to look for them in different angles due

How to Check Tire Pressure

Responsible car owners make sure to do regular maintenance on their vehicle. Sadly, many of them tend to just inspect the upper part of the car. Maintaining the systems below such as fuel lines and CV joints is crucial to keep the car moving properly. One essential type of maintenance that gets

Why a Steering Wheel Clicks While Turning

Just to be clear, the steering wheel is not exactly the one making a clicking noise when we talk about car problems. However, some drivers manage to hear clicks while turning the steering wheel, leading to a common assumption that the sound directly comes from it. The noise actually comes from a

Why a Car Will Not Start in Cold Weather

Most car owners know this problem: Why are vehicles so fragile when exposed to cold temperatures? It is just strange to think that a car can survive big road bumps and long travels but not freezing mornings. Lucky people who never faced this problem either live in a tropical climate or have

Why a Car Squeals When Turning

Hearing an unusual sound whenever you take your car out for a drive is alarming. The internal system of cars is so complex that one small malfunction can affect the whole structure. One example is when a car releases a squealing sound once you turn the steering wheel while driving. Usually, there

Why a Car Smells Like Gas When Parked

Normally, cars do not smell like gas. If there is a strong gas odor from your car while parking, your vehicle probably has an internal problem. This must be solved immediately. However, you should know first the possible reasons why a car smells like gas when parked. Some reasons actually do not

Adopt These Habits To Learn How To Save Gas

Gas prices are really high these days, even though they have gone down a little in the past few months, the prices still remain three times higher than six years ago. And you know what’s even worse? According to recent studies, prices will keep rising over the next few years. This news

Car Breakdown Cover Comparison

Drivers may have a lot of confidence in their driving skills, but even so they do not have control on how their vehicle’s engines would perform and how other drivers would behave over long-distance trips. Beside’s let’s face it, no one can tell for sure when disaster might strike and the engine