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What Does an AC Compressor Do?

Air conditioner compressors are lifesavers for drivers living in hot climates or only experiencing summer months in cold areas. To be honest, the idea of AC alone is already promising. However, there should be a special air compressor to make that notion into reality. The invention of AC had nothing to do

List of Companies under Volkswagen

Volkswagen Group is the international name for Volkswagen AG. It is a world-famous automotive manufacturer in Germany. The whole operation of the company revolves on designing, manufacturing and distributing engines, motorcycles and – of course – vehicles. Volkswagen AG is so powerful that it was the seventh largest company in the whole

What Are Bushings?

Car owners who have limited knowledge about auto mechanics may not know what bushings are. Bushings may sound silly to you, but these components are essential for vehicle suspension. Their purpose has a wide scope. Let’s learn more about car bushings! Definition Bushings are vibration insulators that give some sort of boundary

What Are Brake Calipers?

Without brake calipers, the braking system of a car will collapse. That’s how vital brake calipers are. These vehicle components join the brake pads together so both will make contact with the brake rotor’s surface to slow down the car or stop it completely. Let’s learn more about brake calipers! The Brake

What Are Ball Joints?

In the world of automobiles, ball joints refer to the bearings connecting the steering knuckles and the control arms. They are spherical in shape. They are also present in all cars. When compared to the human anatomy, ball joints represent the hip joint because of both exhibit the ball-and-socket arrangement. Going deeper

What Are Alloy Wheels?

The simplest way to explain what alloy wheels are is that these are wheels composed of magnesium or aluminum alloy. But, what exactly is alloy? The straightforward answer is that alloy is a metal mixed with other elements. Regarding the purpose of alloy, it is stronger than pure metals. Pure metals are

Do Fancy Cars Help Businessmen Make Money?

If you look around you, it isn’t hard to discover that everyone lives by their own belief system or perhaps a ‘code’. Some people believe the perfect life is having a steady, well-paying job and living in a house in the suburbs with kids playing in the backyard. Others believe the perfect

All You Need To Know About Driverless Cars

The future never looks exactly how we imagined it a few decades ago. Reliable vehicles just came into existence a century ago, and one could not have imagined driverless cars at that time.  Visions of the 21st century that were conceived in the 20th century did tend to get some things right,

Top 10 Car Commercials And Best Car Ads Ever

Creative advertising is a tricky business, particularly in the case of car commercials. Describing a new automobile, or an updated version of it would risk to become boring, unless producers think of an innovative way of launching it on the market. Car ads mostly focus on analyzing and emphasizing the design of

Best Cars Guys Use To Pick Up Girls

It is unfortunately a harsh reality: women are attracted to men in expensive cars, and the Telegraph published an article about it. It always looked like a bit of an exaggeration, but according to Dr. Michael Dunn from the University of Wales in Cardiff, women have a higher interest in men who