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How To Negotiate Car Price At A Dealership

Purchasing a car is perhaps the largest investment anyone will make, second to the purchase of their home of course. This is what makes it imperative to drive a hard bargain and make your money go as far as it can go. So that you get a fair price and enjoy the

The Ultimate Used Car Buying Guide

Times have changed and buying a car is not as difficult and complex as it was before. Considering the amount of information you have access to nowadays, the overall experience of making such a purchase is actually quite less stressful. However, this can only work out for you if you do your

Adopt These Habits To Learn How To Save Gas

Gas prices are really high these days, even though they have gone down a little in the past few months, the prices still remain three times higher than six years ago. And you know what’s even worse? According to recent studies, prices will keep rising over the next few years. This news

How Cars Work

Have you ever just stared at your vehicle and wondered how the heck does it run? Perhaps not, right? Well, it isn’t your fault, nowadays we are so used to the presence of cars and the luxury and comfort it provides that nobody wants to know how they work anymore. Nevertheless, from

Cars VS SUV, What To Choose?

Anyone planning to buy their first vehicle or going for an upgrade is likely to join the Cars VS SUV debate. Whether to buy a Car or SUV is a more complex and problematic choice for drivers that have families. I mean, do I choose a SUV to benefit from the comfort

Cars VS Trucks, We Discuss The Pros and Cons

Purchasing a vehicle isn’t an easy task at all. There are plenty of options available in the market, not to mention the diversity of types such as coupes, sedans, compact, sub-compact, pickups, SUVs, and motor homes. This is what makes it difficult for people to choose a vehicle which best suits their

Buying Your First Car – The Wonderful Experience

Buying your first car is an experience unlike any other. However, it is a time-consuming process and requires your undivided attention. The exhilarating process may leave you feeling frustrated, but all of this can be avoided with an effective plan. If you wish to learn more about buying your first car, read

Used Car Lemon Law Informational Guide

If your state has lemon laws, you will be happy to hear that this law is perhaps your best friend, as it’s there to protect consumers. However, please note that not all states have lemon laws that cover used cars. So, what is a used car lemon law? Well, take a look

How To Decide On The Type Of Car You Need

Buying your first car is without a doubt an exciting experience. However, it is not an easy ordeal, as you have dozens upon dozens of options to choose from regardless of your budget range. But since a vehicle is not something you purchase every day, you are obviously looking for something that