best oil filter brands

These are The 12 Best Oil Filter Brands

Car enthusiasts and mechanics alike share some common bits and pieces of knowledge that help vehicles remain ‘alive’ for years to come. The inner workings of any internal combustion engine keep true to some universal rules, and an essential one is: lubrication, lubrication, lubrication. Choosing the right oil for your …

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When to Replace Tires

Most experienced car owners know the importance of quality tires for their ride. As a matter of fact, responsible drivers should always think of their car’s “health and integrity”. This is important for your safety, as the driver, your passengers, and for the sake of other road users. For this …

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What Does A Car Thermostat Do

Whenever you turn on your car engine, it spontaneously builds up heat. This is a normal progression (a good sign that it is working). As you drive your car for a period of time, its engine heats up. The moment you shut it down, it also gradually cools down. Depending …

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How to Prevent Car Windows from Fogging Up

Finally losing patience when there’s fog covering your car windows? Well, you should be scared, too. Fog sounds harmless since it’s pretty common, but low visibility can cause fatal accidents. That’s why you should learn how to prevent car windows from fogging up. Before we proceed to the tips, let’s …

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Best Analog Tire Pressure Gauge

If you prefer the traditional analog type over the digital one, we got your back. Check out the best analog tire pressure gauge for this generation. Our Pick: Rhino USA Heavy Duty Easy Read Glow Tire Pressure Gauge Because of its 360-degree swivel made of solid brass, Rhino USA Heavy …

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Why Is My Car Aircon Not Cold

Thanks to the invention of air conditioners for automobiles, car owners remain comfortable while driving even in hot days. However, ACs have the tendency to malfunction, too. Luckily for you, we have all the answers in case you ask yourself: “Why is my car aircon not cold?” The Causes There …

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