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GlobalCarsBrands is a leading online platform that offers the best and latest information about car brands, car logos, and news and opinion about cars and the automotive industry.

We aim to cover all these topics with honesty, transparency and cheerful passion.

Over time, we were featured in (or linked by) leading websites like Huffington Post, AOL, The Conversation, Bandcamp, Mental Floss, and many more.

Our Team

GCB has a truly global team, with authors, editors and contributors from all over the world. Our team members are based in the United States, Canada, UK, France, the Netherlands, Romania, Croatia, Denmark, Hong Kong and Australia.

If you’d like to join our team or contribute to Global Cars Brands feel free to contact us.

Adrian Vroom

Chief Editor

As a child, Adrian was fascinated by anything and everything car related. Years went by and he found himself more and more in love with cars.

It wasn’t just about their good looks, speed and power, it was about the freedom they represented, the thrills and joy they provided and the ton of options that were available for every type of person out there.

Matt Zimmerman

Senior Editor

Matt is no stranger to the automotive world, writing about cars since 2008 as a contributor for several huge automotive websites such as Car and Driver, AutoEvolution, Motor1, CarAdvice or MotorTrend.

A true fan of everything with wheels, his garage includes a dozen of different cars, including an old BMW M3 and a Tesla Model S.

Liam Houghton

Associate Editor

Liam has been an automotive enthusiast probably since birth and grew up restoring classic cars with his dad. He still remembers the exact moment when his dad showed him the inner workings of an engine and learned how it works.

Also an avid racing fan, especially when it comes to Formula 1, Liam has contributed a unique blend of insight into both the classic car brands and sports car segments on GCB since joining the team in 2016.

Joakim Norberg


Jono has reviewed all kinds of cars in these last 10 years and still can’t decide which one is his absolute favorite. He can make a top 5 but picking just one of them is probably the hardest task for him.

He’s been to at least one car show every single year since he was 5 and after graduating he moved to automotive media, covering news, writing reviews and podcasting.

Eddie Tuulola


Eddie’s love for cars started at a young age and grew stronger and stronger as the years went by. It all began with pointing fingers to cars and asking what make and model every single car was.

He wanted to drive them all and once he discovered that his family or friends didn’t know every make and model out there, he knew he had to do something, so he started to learn everything there is to know about the car industry.

Kathleen Burgess


Kathleen started her career in journalism writing about cars during her Journalism degree at CUNY and even though she didn’t like it at first, she quickly became an ace, writing news, reviews and comparisons like one of the best car writers out there.

Today she writes content focusing on the latest trends in the car industry, looking at sales, policies and green alternatives.

Chen Haidong


Haidong has been an automotive journalist for more than 15 years, covering the Asian car market as a contributor for several renowned car news outlets, including MotorTrend, Car and Driver or AutoTrader.

Building an encyclopedic knowledge of the automotive world, he published over 1,000 news and review articles.

Natalia Lauridsen


Natalia has been writing for a living since 2010. A double major in English and Danish, she fell in love with online media by accident, when she got an internship at one of the biggest news outlets in Denmark.

As a journalist, she covers a wide range of topics, from tech and fashion to cars and bikes. And she’s also working behind the scenes as proofreader to make sure everything that goes live here is correct.

On behalf of the entire team here at GCB, thanks for stopping by and we can’t wait to see you again!