best spark plugs

The 20 Best Spark Plugs for Your Car

Car enthusiasts, old or young, probably got their hands dirty and fiddled around under the hood at least once in their lives. It is unavoidable; better yet, it is very enjoyable and part of the reason most of us start working on a DIY project waiting in the garage. You …

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Best Radar Detectors

14 Best Radar Detectors You can Buy Right Now

Radar detectors have been around for decades, with the first ones developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s. These devices have evolved exponentially throughout the years, keeping up with the technology around us and driver demands. Whether you’re driving around town or down the interstate, a radar detector constantly scans …

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Best Creepers for Mechanics

15+ Best Creepers for Mechanics

That old-school mechanic, the one by the side of the road, all dirty and with his body almost entirely under the hood, is long gone. Don’t get me wrong, he got the job done, but times a changing, and at a fast pace. Nowadays, we get to see young, skillful men …

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Best Car Batteries

The 15 Best Car Batteries (according to Experts)

When it comes to their car’s general maintenance, most people actually end up completely dismissing car batteries simply because they don’t think they’re worth all that much attention to begin with. Sure, you have some low-maintenance or even maintenance-free batteries nowadays that you can buy for a larger price but …

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The Best Mechanics Tool Set: Our Top 6 Picks

Car enthusiasts, mechanics, and wrenchers do share a similar interest in terms of having a quality mechanics tool set. It simply feels satisfying to own a quality mechanics tool set. Aside from the fact that they give a sense of completeness to its owners, it also makes their work significantly …

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The Best Steering Wheel Locks of 2022

Many of us are willing to spend some bucks for added car security. In today’s age where the problem of car robbery has become more and more severe, an added security is never a bad thing. Security systems are good investments in the long run. In fact, it secures a …

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The Best Jumper Cables to Buy

Car problems happen at the most inconvenient times. It might ensue at the dead of the night, in the freezing winter cold or in times of heavy downpour. For experienced drivers, many would attest that the most recurring vehicular emergencies are related to battery problems. This happens for a different …

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