2019 Buick Regal Review

Overview: The old Buick always looked into building the vehicle class for today. But some constraints forced the company to fall back to the rebadged entities. Well, the one we have here is the Regal that is among the oldest cars from Buick that is still active. It is not …

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2018 Opel Astra Review

Overview: The Opel’s versatile auto making capability is renowned throughout the world. Especially their long-lasting sedans are quite famous and they dubbed in many languages. Alongside the sedans, their hatchbacks are even generating a good business for them. Such as the Astra, do not call it Ash-tray, though it does …

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2018 Opel Cascada Review

Overview: It is obvious that the masterpieces are rebadged. But sometimes the ordinary pieces are rebadged as well. It is much like there is no other option that is why the ordinary version is marketed through another brand as well. The Opel is one of the pioneers of the auto-making …

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2018 Buick Cascada Review

Overview: There have been a number of European city cars that found their way into the North American market. A lot of them got fame because of their delightful powertrain and comfortable seats. While some got relegated and their production got paused because they could not bear the heat of …

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