What Are Fog Lights

Driving in heavy traffic is a hassle. But driving in times of poor weather condition is a bigger headache. Foggy condition, for example, limits road visibility. This makes driving inconvenient and dangerous. The same also goes to mist, snow, sand, dust, and any other tiny substances that obstruct your vision. …

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What Does A Car Thermostat Do

Whenever you turn on your car engine, it spontaneously builds up heat. This is a normal progression (a good sign that it is working). As you drive your car for a period of time, its engine heats up. The moment you shut it down, it also gradually cools down. Depending …

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What Are Ball Joints?

In the world of automobiles, ball joints refer to the bearings connecting the steering knuckles and the control arms. They are spherical in shape. They are also present in all cars. When compared to the human anatomy, ball joints represent the hip joint because of both exhibit the ball-and-socket arrangement. …

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