How to Remove Adhesive from Cars

People usually put stickers on their cars to express their personality, advocacy or political views. Sometimes, stickers are even essential so you can enter exclusive properties. However, like everything else, the thoughts or ideas you literally put on your car through stickers may change. Unfortunately, removing stickers is time-consuming if …

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How to Install Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades are usually composed of simple rubber only, so just imagine how long they can take continuous up and down motions as well as changing weather conditions. Since they are very fragile compared to other automobile components, you should know how to install wiper blades. How to Choose …

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How to Get Tree Sap Off Your Car

Everybody hates it when their car is covered with dirt and grime. However, feelings get more intense when instead of mud or dust, you see drops of tree sap on your vehicle’s surface. Tree sap is so sticky, hence the challenge of removing it from the automobile. Despite the demand …

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How Often to Replace Windshield Wipers

It goes without saying that drivers should always rely on clear vision to avoid accidents. That is why windshields should be cleaned regularly by mechanical wipers. However, windshield wipers have their limits, too. The constant rhythmic motion and environmental obstructions will take a toll on the wipers in the long …

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How Often Should You Rotate Tires

The aging process of your automobile components is something you cannot avoid. Sooner or later, your car parts are going to succumb to the horrible effects of deterioration. What you can do instead is to push back the impacts of aging. One way to slow the aging process of certain …

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How Often to Change Transmission Fluid

Like the human body, automobiles need fluids so their parts will last for a long time. Without fluids, most metal components would create too much friction as they work together. Additionally, nothing would regulate the temperature around the vehicle which is a huge safety hazard. One essential type of fluid …

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How Often to Change Coolant

Coolant is extremely important for regulating high temperatures. It is an essential fluid for all types of vehicles. Since most of us always drive to certain destinations daily, we expose our engine everyday to the hazards of intense heat coming from continuous internal combustion. So, let’s find out how often …

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How Often to Change Cabin Air Filter

Many car owners probably have no idea about the need to change cabin air filters from time to time. To educate them, we are going to provide answers on how often we should change cabin air filters. Reasons to Change Cabin Air Filter Let’s explain first the benefits of cabin …

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How Often Should You Wax Your Car

Waxing your car is not only for the sake of vanity. There are actually practical reasons that will make you want to wax your vehicle pronto. However, don’t get too excited just yet. Waxing vehicles is actually not a regular thing. The standard interval takes months. Just to be sure, …

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How Often Should You Change Your Oil

Vehicle engines are typically made of metals. So, just imagine the intense friction produced when metal parts work with one another, mostly colliding and rubbing with each other in a continuous rhythmic pattern. Friction produces heat, making it a hazard if there is an inadequate amount of oil inside the …

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How Often Should I Get a Tune Up

Like any other property of humans, automobiles should undergo general cleaning procedures, collectively known as a tune-up. However, when we say tune-up, it is more on replacing what needs to be replaced. Still, the result will be a cleaner vehicle in the sense that several components are brand-new. Since the …

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