How Long Does a Car Battery Last

All automobile components have limits. Sooner or later, they eventually deteriorate no matter how high-quality their construction is. Car batteries are no exceptions. Sure, these powerful components can function well despite heavy use and changing temperatures, but they ultimately give up in the long run. Now that we are curious, …

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How Long Do Tires Last

Most meticulous vehicle owners will do anything to ensure that they will not experience sudden issues on the road. That is why questions about the lifespan of different automobile components are quite popular on the web. Here, we are going to focus on a certain component that will never go …

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How Long Do Struts Last

Whenever people talk about automobile suspensions, the word “strut” comes to mind. For ordinary car owners, the specific functions of struts seem too hard to comprehend. What’s even worse is the confusion between struts and shocks. These components are two different things even though they are usually considered as synonyms. …

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How Often Should You Change Your Brakes

Imagine if your brake fails to stop your vehicle in the middle of a busy street. How scary is that? That is why we really need to include the brakes during regular maintenance and replace them immediately if necessary. To ensure safety, how often should you change your brakes? What …

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How to Keep a Black Car Clean

Most people would say that a white car is tough to protect from dirt and scratches. Same goes for black cars, too. A black car easily loses its luster if it has a lot of scratches. Unfortunately, scratches are difficult to spot. You have to look for them in different …

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How to Check Tire Pressure

Responsible car owners make sure to do regular maintenance on their vehicle. Sadly, many of them tend to just inspect the upper part of the car. Maintaining the systems below such as fuel lines and CV joints is crucial to keep the car moving properly. One essential type of maintenance …

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Why a Car Squeals When Turning

Hearing an unusual sound whenever you take your car out for a drive is alarming. The internal system of cars is so complex that one small malfunction can affect the whole structure. One example is when a car releases a squealing sound once you turn the steering wheel while driving. …

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Why a Car Smells Like Gas When Parked

Normally, cars do not smell like gas. If there is a strong gas odor from your car while parking, your vehicle probably has an internal problem. This must be solved immediately. However, you should know first the possible reasons why a car smells like gas when parked. Some reasons actually …

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The Best Car Waxes in 2022

A car can actually be someone’s pride and joy. It can be a symbol of hard work and success. That’s why most of us would do anything just to keep their cars look flawless and extra clean. Let’s take a look on the best car waxes in the market to …

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