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When Was the Car Invented?

When was the car invented? The cars that we see and use today did not always look and function the way they did several decades ago. It progressed for years, starting from a very basic automobile design. It has simple controls, a simple motor, and driving mechanism. Today, cars can do so

Isuzu Logo, History timeline and Latest Models

Isuzu is named among the top selling heavy duty vehicles. Well, Isuzu is the name of a river in Japan. The river begins and ends up in a single city, called Ise in Mie Prefecture, Japan. The river is famous because it passes through a famous shrine called Ise Grand Shrine. This

Volvo History Timeline and List of Current Models

Volvo Group (1927-1999) The Volvo Group began in 1927 when the first ever Volvo car series, the Volvo ÖV4 (also known as “Jakob”), was produced on the island of Hisingen, Göteborg in Sweden. That year, 280 cars were manufactured. From a small local automobile industry, Volvo has since developed and established itself

Tata Motors Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models

Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile manufacturer, was established 1945. However, the history of the brand goes way back to 1868, when the Tata Group was founded by Jamsetji Tata. The brand was created as a parent company for numerous divisions, such as the Tata Iron and Steel Company, Tata Electric Company, Tata

Geely Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models

Geely, officially known as ‘Zhejiang Geely Holding Group CO. Ltd’, was established in 1986. The company was founded by Li Shufu as a refrigerator manufacturing unit. It is said that Li Shufu borrowed money from his family in order to start his refrigerator business. Regardless, ever since its inception, the refrigerator business

Saab Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models

Not only is Saab a premium car manufacturer, but it is just as good as any other of its rivals. Saab was formed as a separate project to manufacture a small, but equally effective automobile. From thereon in, the company has expanded and grown beyond its horizons as a pioneering and innovating

Koenigsegg Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models

The Swedish auto industry has some of the finest luxury cars to offer. What is really interesting is that they are on par with other rival car manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Volvo and even Aston Martin. Koenigsegg is one such manufacturer that has exceeded expectations with the introduction of hyper-cars. The history

Kia Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models

Kia Motors, the largest automobile manufacturer in Korea, second to Hyundai, saw its inception way back in 1952. However, the history of Korea goes way back to 1944, when the company manufactured bicycle parts and steel pipes by hand and was recognized throughout Korea as the “Kyungsung Precision Industry”. Learn more about

Hyundai Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models

Hyundai Motor Company, one of the best automobile manufacturers in the world, saw its inception in 1967. However, the history of Hyundai goes way back to 1947 when Chung Ju-Yung incorporated the ‘Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company’. The company was founded with the goal of post-war reconstruction and industrialization in Korea. Continue

Renault Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models

Renault, the world famous manufacturer of lorries, vans, buses, tractors, and cars, was founded in 1899 as the ‘Société Renault Frères’ by the Renault brothers, Louis, Marcel and Fernand. However, much of the credit for starting the legend of Renault history goes to Louis Renault, who was an aspiring individual and had