2019 Ford C-Max Review

Overview: The Ford timely stepped up with the world growing into the alt-fuel and the hybrid segment. They are among those automakers that are focusing more on the general consumer needs. While what the general consumer needs are, are already understood! Among its famous city cars, you would surely come …

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2018 Ford S-Max Review

Overview: The Ford’s innovations are pretty lovable at times. And their excelling results are a positive response, some awards and plenty of acclaims. Well, Ford has innovated various sports cars. But here we are talking about a sporty MPV. This is the Ford S-Max that showed up during the 2006 …

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2018 Ford EcoSport Review

Overview: There are very few incidents that a car built for the US gets space in this market. It is not about the imports. Instead, it is about those cars that already served the other market and later entered into the North American space. Well, Ford tried this trick. In …

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2018 Ford Focus Review

Overview: The world of general consumer cars is filled with numerous kind of vehicles. There are the hatchbacks, small sedans, MPVs and the SUVs. And every one of them is either good or bad. Well, we have witnessed a lot of bad vehicles. While on the other hand, we have …

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