2019 Hyundai Grandeur Review

Overview: The market representation is one of the important factors of success for every brand. While rebranding is indeed yet another colossal structure that immensely important for success. Well, the automobile industry even has to depend a lot on the branding and rebranding concepts. And there are numerous prominent examples …

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2018 Hyundai Xcent Review

Overview: The hatchbacks remain the favorite family ride in a number of Asian countries. Actually, they look for small cars with lesser fuel and maintenance expenses. And even they look for small size based on the parking issues. Well, if you bring them a hatchback based sedan, they would surely …

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2018 Genesis G80 Sport Review

Overview: The Genesis G80 came out in 2017 but missed the sports version. While the G80 Sport was already introduced in Korea and Los Angeles. Well, the wait got over and Hyundai displayed the production version of the G80 Sport at North American International Auto Show. The Genesis G80 Sport …

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2018 Hyundai Accent Review

Overview: It is really easy for the pure urban cars to get the attraction. But it is also pretty hard for them to be noticed by the audience. The urban audience does appreciate the speed, acceleration, and erotic design. While actually, they look for the economic cars. Well, in this …

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