2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport Review

Overview: A powerful expedition needs a powerful vehicle. In the past, we had monstrous SUVs for the off-road expedition. While with time those monsters shrink down to the handsomely crafted everyday SUVs. Well, the Land Rover has presented some plausible structure for the modern day SUVs. Even they are among …

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2018 Genesis G80 Sport Review

Overview: The Genesis G80 came out in 2017 but missed the sports version. While the G80 Sport was already introduced in Korea and Los Angeles. Well, the wait got over and Hyundai displayed the production version of the G80 Sport at North American International Auto Show. The Genesis G80 Sport …

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2018 Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport Review

Overview: Some cars are just made for a bold statement. They are generally the brand ambassadors, representing a certain series. More or less, it is a marketing technique through which a certain series is marketed. And often, these are the Limited Editions. Well, the history is a bit different. Even …

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2017 Clio Renault Sport Review

Overview: Every hatchback does not mean that it has no power and elegance. Instead, there are some thrilling and superb hatches available. Well, there are too many examples in the present day. But one of the renowned example from Renault is the Clio Renault Sport. It was 1998 when Clio …

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