2018 Dacia Duster Review

Overview: Finding a satisfactory car becomes hectic at times when there are too many options available. But the fame, reviews, and glamour make it easier to choose the best one. Well, if you are looking for something unique, then you can even go for a three-wheeler. The Dacia Duster is …

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2018 Dacia Lodgy Review

Overview: How would it sound to have a family MPV that appeared in the Andros Trophy? The kids would really be excited to know that their parents brought in a sports MPV. Well, this can happen to you when you would buy a Dacia Lodgy worth $12,750. It is a …

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2018 Dacia Logan Review

Overview: The family cars are very much important factor in the world of today. The low fuel mileage, lower maintenance cost, and lesser tax expenses are the major requirement in every market. Besides the basic necessities, there are plenty of other requirements as well, which include a smoother drivetrain, smart …

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2018 Dacia Sandero Review

Overview: The automobile production is generally the homogeneous combination of different brains. Some act as the performance producers while the others work for the design. Among those, there are some who appoint the interior. Well, there are some cars that are designed by two or more than two automobile producers. …

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