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2018 Dacia Duster Review

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2018 Dacia Duster

Finding a satisfactory car becomes hectic at times when there are too many options available. But the fame, reviews, and glamour make it easier to choose the best one. Well, if you are looking for something unique, then you can even go for a three-wheeler.

The Dacia Duster is one of the options you can opt for your daily drive. It has been in the business since 2009. And it has served various corners of motoring. The Duster has worked as a family car, a pick-up wagon and even appeared in the motorsports. While its notable appearance could be witnessed during the Dakar Rally.

Well, this same car has been rebadged by Renault under the same title. And its first generation was even sold as Nissan Terrano. Well, the Duster covers a wide range of markets. Mostly it is found in Europe and Asia, while the African and South American market even gets a share each.

Do not get confused with the ARO 10 based Dacia Duster. That was entirely a different car. And the present day Duster does not succeed it. Instead, it is based on a whole new platform of the Dacia Duster Concept displayed during the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

By 2017, Dacia revealed the second generation Duster at the Frankfurt Motor Show. And by the winter of 2017, the new generation was launched onto the market. After a series of tests, it was discovered that Dacia has blessed this car with an outdated structure but a decent power option.

The model range gets the Access as an entry-level model available for $13,265. The other models are titled as Essential, Comfort and Prestige. And the finest trim level begins from $19,110.


1.2 – 1.6 L5 – speed manual

6 – speed automatic

115 – 125 hp114 – 177 lb – ft
0 – 62 MPHTop SpeedBody StyleMPG
10.5s107 mphSUV35 city/ 39 highway


Hood of 2018 Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster is available with three powering options. Along with that, it gets the front-wheel-drive as standard. While a four-wheel-drive configuration is optionally available. Further, the 5-speed manual comes standard for the gasoline drivetrains. And the 6-speed dual clutch automatic is newly available for the diesel versions. While they even get the manual gearbox as standard.

Ahead of that, the 1.6 L 4-cylinder SCe 115 engine is standard for all the models. This engine is enough capable of producing 115 hp of power. And it offers a decent base to cut down the refueling cost.

The only diesel variant is available with the fresh Blue dCi 115 engine. This is a 1.5 L 4-cylinder engine making the same amount of power as the gasoline one. While its performance is certainly better than the gasoline version.

Well, among the Dacia Duster’s powering options, you would even get a version with performance specs. It is the 1.2 L TCe engine with 125 hp of power and 151 lb-ft of torque. Well, this is the best in the class performance option. And it recorded 0-62 mph launch within 10.5 seconds. Further, its top speed is 107 mph.

The handling ability is satisfactory. But at times it seems to be under the bar. The steering wheel responds fine while driving smoothly in the city. And even the braking appears to be strong. While when you have to confront the rush riding or heavy traffic, you would certainly feel the steering wheel unresponsive and hefty. The same goes for the highway driving as well.

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2018 Dacia Duster Exterior

The Dacia Duster carries an outdated kind of structure. It is quite similar to the first generation models. And the present generation normally appears to be a facelift version of the first one. Further, the base variant comes with steel wheels, halogen headlamps, and fiber bumpers. And there the white color comes standard with no other option. While the mid-level and the upper models get the alloy wheel, roof rails, fog lights, and color options. Ahead of that, the rear design makes Duster an MPV instead of an SUV. It is a flat back with slanting rear door and strangely designed taillights.

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Interior of 2018 Dacia Duster

The interior appointment is acceptable, but it is not attractive at all. While there is an obvious comfort level included which could normally be found of cheap hatchbacks or hatchback based sedans. The fabric seats are standard for all the models. While the leather seats remain optional. Further, the fiber accent trim, fewer convenience spots, and old-school design come standard as well.

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Features of 2018 Dacia Duster

The mid-trim levels get the touchscreen infotainment system with the multimedia player as standard. While the finest model additionally gets the navigation and free map updates as standard. Well, some standard features include the Bluetooth streaming, telephony, and mobile phone connectivity.

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2018 Dacia Duster Safety

As far as you have to drive Duster smoothly, you would certainly not required any safety features. But when you know that you are a rush driver, the other occupants would definitely ask you to get some safety equipment. Well, the Duster only scored 3-Stars during a road safety test. It equals an overall 58% safety which is just above the requirement of a city car.

Further, some of the available safety features include Isofix for the children, parking assistance, traction control, blind spot monitoring and the hill climb and decent assistance.

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Suzuki Vitara

When you step into the Suzuki Vitara, you would hardly find it different from Duster. It gets the similar interior setup and a similar kind of exterior designing. But the Vitara can perform better than the Duster.

Well, the Duster is incredibly a fine option if you are looking to get a low priced SUV for your family. And the 4WD adds some passion to the performance that can make you drive in the countryside.



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