2018 Dodge Neon Review

Overview: The entry-level sedans are available in various different patterns. In some standards, they are just the sedans with the capacity to fit in four people. While on some other occasions, they are set to work as the entry-level sports variants. Well, all across the session the entry-level sedans are …

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2018 Dodge Journey GT Review

Overview: The Dodge off-road vehicles were notable because of their power and body strength. Though it has a pretty long history of sports cars. But it was never behind in the league of SUVs. Well, the times have changed. Even the best off-road cars from Dodge are not capable of …

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2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Review

Overview: The challengers could be powerful, strong and enthusiastic. Challenges are composed to be taken over by the challengers. But at times, the challengers wear the cloak of demons. They become demonic. While in some cases, there ought to be some challenging demons that are worldly. The Dodge Challenger was …

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