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2018 Dodge Journey GT Review

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2018 Dodge Journey GT

The Dodge off-road vehicles were notable because of their power and body strength. Though it has a pretty long history of sports cars. But it was never behind in the league of SUVs. Well, the times have changed. Even the best off-road cars from Dodge are not capable of meeting the expedition standards.

The Dodge Journey made its debut in 2009. But she is still struggling to make its space into the North American market. Even its finest trim, the Journey GT, is still prying for the market fame. The GT was launched along with the other versions of the Journey. All of these are living in the first generation, with their last facelift occurring in 2011.

The off-road competition demands too much. It demands power, performance, strength, and skills. Though, skills are mainly dependent on the driver. But when a driver would not get the specific return from the car, it would not bring in the desired results. Fancy colors, girly designs and urban stance is not what the off-road driving demands.

This is all that a status exhibition would require. Specifically, the SUVs have become the status issue. The bigger car you have, the more fame you get. The bigger car does not mean like you should have a monster truck. It means that something with beautiful design, remarkable interior and fuel-saving tech.

Well, this is what the Dodge Journey GT is. It is the supreme version of the Journey series with the prominent exterior details, exclusive interior setting and powerful drivetrain in the whole series. The base for a Journey GT is $32,495, equivalent to an entry-level luxury sedan.

Now let’s see, what the Dodge Journey GT has got.

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3.6 L6 – speed automatic283 hp260 lb – ft
0 – 62 MPHTop SpeedBody StyleMPG
7.8s118 mphSUV16 city/ 24 highway


Hood of 2018 Dodge Journey GT

The Journey GT gets the finest powertrain of the Journey series. Well, if you ask an off-road expert, he would certainly not recommend this SUV. But in a way, it is a decent urbanized SUV with domestic ingredients.

Well, the Journey GT gets the GM’s favorite Pentastar engine. Here it is a 3.6 L naturally aspirated V6 with 283 hp of power and 260 lb-ft of torque. Such power specs are not really spectacular for the off-road adventures. But the 6-speed automatic and the all-wheel-drive configuration boost up the performance.

With these specs, the Journey GT managed to lap from 0-62 mph within 7.8 seconds. And that is certainly an average score among the sporty SUVs. While her track best was around 118 mph, which is indeed another catch in this car.

Not just the GT, the rest of its siblings even have such marginal performance ratings. They are not that much impressive that would lure the sporty SUV lovers. Instead, Dodge has to put some more sugar to attract those bees.

Well, now was the time to jump onto the handling review of this car. The Journey GT uses one of the outdating steering capabilities. That is no other than the hydraulic based steering. Specifically, when you get the habit of moist electrically poised steering abilities, you would prefer driving a hydraulic-based car. And the braking was even a bit lethargic.

Overall, it was not a disappointing experience. But it needs a lot of improvement to stay among the sporty SUVs. Otherwise, there is pretty much space available in the kingdom of station wagons.

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2018 Dodge Journey GT Exterior

The Journey GT shares its shape with the rest of the Journey series. It has the same body styling with a mild difference in the cosmetics. Well, the GT badge is the major differentiating part. While the cosmetics that are available with the Journey GT could be equipped with the other models as well. Like it gets the 19-inch gloss black alloy wheels, roof rails, HID and the LED which could be opted for the other SUVs in Journey series.

Certainly, it is like there are not too many exterior beautification options available for this car. And the buyer is generally left with the aftermarket enhancements.

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Interior of 2018 Dodge Journey GT

As like the exterior, the interior is even quite similar. It is a perfect grocery fetching companion. As it offers too many holes and pubs to save your ice and beverage. But luxury is not a part of this car.

Well, Journey GT gets some exclusive ingredients for the interior. Like it gets the heated front seats and soft touch material. Certainly, you would not feel your arms rusted out after driving this car. Further, seats are comfortable and quite adjustable. While spacing is the same as the rest of the Journey series.

The Journey GT is indeed the powerful one among its siblings. But still, it is an errand runner with convenient cargo facility.

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Features of 2018 Journey GT

The Journey GT gets the 8.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system as standard. Further, tech features include SiriusXM, navigation, weather update, fuel pricing and entertainment. The standard sound system comes with 6 speakers. While an AMP and the six-channel amplifier are optional.

As like in the other Journeys, the rear seat passengers get the LED for the sake of entertainment. And connectivity features include Wi-Fi Hotspot, Bluetooth, USB and power outlets.

The Journey GT is even equipped with the customizable 3.5-inch driver’s cluster. This display cluster shows the performance of the car, navigation and the status of this car.

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2018 Dodge Journey GT Safety

Safety is one of the major concerns about any car. You would not prefer sitting in a luxury sedan that has no safety within. Although there are too many cars that offer very less safety. But their cheaper price makes them get a space in the market.

Well, the Dodge Journey GT gets plenty of safety equipment. Like it has airbags in both the rows, seat belts are fine and the structure is strong enough to reduce the collision impact. Further, the parking assistant, the rearview camera, ABS and electronic brake force distribution enhance the safety capabilities of this car.

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Ford Edge

The Dodge Journey GT gets a tough competition from the notable Ford Edge. The Edge is smarter, sharper and elegant. She is a detailed aggressive Bella which overtakes the Journey GT. But the GT is not that bad that it could not get to the standards of Edge.

Well, the Dodge Journey GT could be a very good family member. It offers loads of family leisure. And even offers a stable performance.



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