2018 SEAT Leon Cupra Review

Overview: Super versions for the hypercars are like the dominating models. They appear with the more powerful mechanism, superb styling, and marvelous interior. But what if a hot-hatch gets a super version? It appears to be amazing, but evenly it seems to be weird. The Leon is a hot-hatch from …

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2018 SEAT Ibiza Review

Overview: The Spanish Island Ibiza is an attraction for a lot of tourist in the world. People from all around the globe visit this place, especially since they are interested in witnessing its Nightlife. Though pubs are not too much common, it is filled with the markets and restaurants. And …

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2018 SEAT Arona Review

Overview: The SUVs are losing their fame in some markets. Their huge size, more maintenance cost, and higher fuel mileage becomes a major reason to flow a loss for the SUV markets. While on the other hand there are some spaces where the SUVs are becoming a popular day in …

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2018 SEAT Alhambra Review

Overview: There is just a decent amount of population in the European countries. But they are a lot much concerned about the supercars and the mega cars. Besides the hyper dynasty of the cars, the Europeans even create the family rides with plenty of social, economic and political benefits. Among …

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