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The Best Color Sunglasses for Driving

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Color sunglasses are excellent travel companions. While they surely look flashy and hip, they also reduce the surrounding glare-causing reflections coming from flat surfaces (just like the hood of the car in front of you or the surface of an empty road ahead).

When light hits a flat surface, it usually becomes polarized. This means that it travels in a uniform direction and reduces visibility due to the reflection of glare. They help you optimize your safety when driving while looking classy at the same time.

To help you choose the best color sunglasses for your driving needs, we listed in this article our top picks. Men’s and women’s preferences are also considered in this list. Enjoy!

Our Pick: SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses

SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses

For years, SUNGAIT has produced high performance but comfortable, classic, and colorful sunglasses. This model of vintage round sunglasses is perfect for women who want to capture a more classy-retro vibe. SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses (for Women Classic Retro Designer-Style) comes in a lightweight composite frame and UV400 lenses (100 percent blocks harmful UVB and UVA rays while giving a true color feature at the same time).

Its frames and lenses come in different variety of color – usually with the combination of Azul blue, matte black, ash grey, and amber. One of its unique feats is the Keyhole nose bridge that neatly adds a flare to the Retro style design.

As part of their overall insurance policy, SUNGAIT also offers lifetime breakage warranty and money back guarantee. This color sunglass is truly deserving of our top pick.

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Runner Up: Joopin-Round Retro Polaroid Sunglasses

Joopin-Round Retro Polaroid Sunglasses

A close runner up is Joopin-Round Retro Polaroid Sunglasses designed for men (though their steampunk edition also offers customized design for women). It’s a Polaroid driving glass with a twist of steampunk flavor. It uses a metal frame and Polarized composite lenses with UV400 protection (100 percent blocks harmful UVB and UVA rays). It also balances colors to suit your natural true color perception.

One of its unique feats is the John Lennon-type round design that doesn’t easily go out of style because of its elegance. It suits different facial shapes and highlights your sense of steampunk-influenced fashion. For your preference, you can look into different color combinations that Joopin offers.

They also come with a lifetime warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. Your overall package would include a color sunglass, a sunglass case, a box, a lens cloth, a practical screwdriver, and a polarized testing card. It serves as a great gift because of this package.

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Also Great: B.N.U.S. Italy-made Classic Sunglasses Corning Real Glass Lens

B.N.U.S. Italy-made Classic Sunglasses Corning Real Glass Lens

Another product that needs much consideration is Bnus Italy-made Classic Sunglasses Cornering Real Glass Lens. This model uses a composite frame and HD Polarized glass lens. And through BINI Optics True Color Lens, natural colors are always perceivable. While conventional sunglasses blocks sunrays which make you see colors in duller form, BINI lenses are designed to optimize lenses under different environments.

It is made in Italy and is exclusively designed by Anne & Mark. Lenses are easy to clean due to nano anti-oil coating. All of its available color and design gives off a sleek and preppy vibe. They also offer a professional after-sale service within the first 24 hours and 12 months warranty after purchase.

One downside of this product, however, is its far more expensive market price. But if you are willing to dole a good amount of money in exchange for a premium quality deal, then this one is for you.

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Also Great: RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

If you are into a sportier look, RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses is the perfect fit for you. This is basically a combination of glamour and sport. It is made of high-grade Switzerland TR 90 material frame that is super light, stylish, and durable. Its TAC Polarized lenses also offer 100 percent from all harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. It also blocks harmful blue light up to 400 nm while restoring true colors at the same time. It eliminates glares and scattered light which makes it perfect for driving and other outdoor activities.

Other kits included in this item are hard protection portable case, color box, and cleaning cloth. Lastly, RIVBOS offers lifetime breakage warranty of lenses and frame. They also give lifetime after-sale service and 30-day money back guarantee.

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Budget Pick: ELITERA Sunglasses for Women

ELITERA Sunglasses for Women

In case of a tight budget, you can still find a good quality color sunglass such as ELITERA Sunglass for Women. This model is made of PC frame with HD Polarized lenses. Its UV400 lenses 100 percent block harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Your sunglass package also includes an original case, a brand card, and a cleaning cloth. Its colors definitely suit different occasions like driving, shopping, party, and other outdoor activities.

Though cheaper than other items on this list, ELITERA Sunglass speaks of quality and elegance that pars other products in the market.

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How to Choose Best Color Sunglass for Driving

If you are buying a sunglass pair for driving, you need to understand how its feats affect your overall performance. Try to consider these three factors when choosing your color sunglasses:

Frames Style

Frames Style

Oversized frames are straight no-no when choosing driving sunglasses. While unintentional, they easily obstruct your peripheral vision which decreases driving performance as a result. Thin frames and large lenses are better in most cases because they provide protection against glare without affecting your overall vision.

Quality Polarized Lenses

This is important to dramatically reduce glare and any form of reflective lights. As a result, it reduces your eye strain. This feature offers a more comfortable and safe driving experience for everybody.

Lens color

Lens Colors

The color of your lens affects how you perceive the natural true colors of your environment. Too much alteration when it comes to color perception negatively affects your ability to read road signs. This makes driving dangerous.


Having said that, we can confidently say that SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses takes the cake when it comes to the best color sunglass for driving. Considering its quality, appearance, performance, and price, this product simply offers the best value amidst the surplus of competition.

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