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Best Car Window Breaker: The Top Products You Can Rely On

By Kathleen Burgess


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Disasters. No one wants them to happen yet they can strike at any minute.

Having your car insured is one of the best things you can do when met with a car accident. But, how can you help protect yourself and escape from that situation?

That’s where car window breakers enter. There are a dozen of choices in the market so we give you our choice as the best car window breaker.

Our Pick: Resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool

Resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool

This best car window breaker is for those who like a dual-purpose product.

Pronounced “rescue me,” the Resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool comes with a built-in seat cutter. These two abilities allow a perfect escape for you and your family when an emergency strikes. To use it, simply pull the tool from the keychain to release it. And then, quickly swipe the sharp blade across your seatbelt for a nice, clean cut.

Finally, find your nearest window and press the glass breaker against it to shatter the window. It is able to do this because there’s a steel spike hidden in its protected covering.

However, we find that the button you press to shatter windows can break easily. We also didn’t like that it requires a bit of effort just to break our windows.

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Runner Up: Lifehammer The Original Emergency Hammer

Lifehammer The Original Emergency Hammer

What’s great about the Lifehammer The Original Emergency Hammer is it’s tried and tested. It has a simple and straightforward design and can be easily placed on your car’s dashboard.

It was awarded the Silver Medal by the German Traffic Council for its excellence and quality. This product is widely used by professionals and has been trusted for over 30 years.

This lightweight product has a steel point on one side that you can easily smash through your car window. It comes with a mounting bracket so you can position it where it’s most convenient.

We only wish it wasn’t that bulky and was easier to keep and pull-out. It has a built-in seat belt cutter, too. However, we don’t think it’s that good so we still had to look for a separate one.

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Also Great: LUXON Emergency Tool

LUXON Emergency Tool

The LUXON Emergency Tool is a must if you want the best value for money. This emergency car safety tool comes with 7 functions essential for survival. What more can you ask for?

Firstly, it comes with a car window breaker and a seatbelt cutter. We also love that it has a USB socket on the side that acts as a power bank in case you need to charge your phones, etc. It has a built-in flashlight and a LED indicator on the bottom that you can use as an SOS light. These can be controlled by two buttons found on the body of the product.

There’s even a crank found on the upper side of the tool. This is pulled-out and turned by hand to generate power. Lastly, a magnet can be found at the bottom of the tool. This means you can stick it anywhere once you’re outside your car. This is useful so you can run and ask for help while the tool is stuck on your car with the SOS lights on.

However, this product needs a little getting-used-to since it’s quite complicated. This means you can waste valuable seconds just trying to escape from your car.

We also think that because it has many features, it doesn’t perform as well as the others on this list. It also isn’t waterproof so those who get stuck in flash floods have no use for this product.

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Budget Pick: BlueSkyBos Emergency Escape Tool

BlueSkyBos Emergency Escape Tool

For that balance between price and quality, this best car window breaker should be on your list.

The BlueSkyBos Emergency Escape Tool is another dual-purpose product you need in your life. It has a window breaker and a seatbelt cutter which you’ll need in emergency situations.

This tool can easily fit your glove compartment or door pocket. But, there are also 4 pre-drilled holes on the bottom in case you want it screwed on your dashboard. But of course, you’ll need a professional do to that for you.

It may come in a bigger size but is actually very light—it only weighs less than 5 ounces. This makes it easy to just slip it inside your bag. Its design is pretty straightforward and does its job effectively.

However, what we didn’t like about this is that the hammer can come off easily from the mount. This can be a hassle, especially if you’re dealing with a life and death situation.

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How to Choose The Best Car Window Breaker

Car window breakers come in various designs, shapes, and colors. While those are all personal preference, here are what to consider in finding the best car window breaker:


A good car window breaker should at least have a built-in seatbelt cutter as an added feature.

built in seatbelt cutterSome products can have more than 2 features—which is great. But if you think you will just stick with the primary ones, then go with those instead and save yourself some money.


The easier you can reach for your car window breaker, the better. This is especially true in life and death situations.

So, there’s no use in buying a large, heavy item. If you can’t bring it anywhere with you or find it hard to fit it in your car, you’ll end up not using it.

So before buying a new one, think of your car’s layout and the spot where you’ll be putting it. This is to be sure it’ll be easy to reach in case you’ll need it.


There’s nothing more valuable than life. But, it doesn’t mean only the expensive ones can save you.

You should also consider your budget. The products on this list are affordable since we believe that no one should be in danger just because they can’t afford a safety tool.


We chose the Resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool as the best car window breaker. Since it comes in a keychain, we think it’s the most convenient one in times of tragedy.

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