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The Best Jumper Cables to Buy

By Kathleen Burgess


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Car problems happen at the most inconvenient times. It might ensue at the dead of the night, in the freezing winter cold or in times of heavy downpour. For experienced drivers, many would attest that the most recurring vehicular emergencies are related to battery problems.

This happens for a different reason – may it be due to extreme weather condition, faulty charging, bad batteries or just a series of unfortunate events. As such, you always need to have a quality jumper cables to avoid more stress and hassle (for you and other car users). Now, you might think that all jumpers are just the same. Well, they are not. A bad jumper cable would just make your experience more miserable.

That is why we will guide you in buying jumper cables for your car emergency kit. We present to you our top picks of jumper cables available in the market. We also offer tips on choosing the best jumper cable for your needs. And here’s our list!

Our Pick: EPAuto Heavy-Duty Booster Jumper Cable

Our best pick is EPAuto’s heavy-duty 1 gauge, 25 feet long booster cable, industrial-grade coated clamp handles, and 800 AMP capacity. Its premium gauge rate and AMP capacity easily make it one of the most valuable jumper cables available today. EPAuto Heavy-Duty Booster Jumper Cable allows you to charge up super-fast or do a jump-start for any kind of vehicle. This is well-suited for cars, motorbikes, SUVs, and trucks.

It is heavier (weighs 11.35 lbs.) compared to most jumper cables, partly due to its cable length and material. This downside, however, is addressed by providing a carry bag for easy storage. This products also comes with a pair of well-insulated safety gloves to avoid any accidents.

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Runner Up: Iron Forge Tools 20 Foot Jumper Cables

Iron Forge Tools 20 Foot Jumper Cables is an 8 gauge, CCA constructed, and 400 AMPs versatile jumper cable designed by Iron Forge Tools. Its 20 ft. long tangle-free cord and wide clamps provide convenience when connecting car batteries. In terms of durability, they are also well-insulated and thick enough to last for a couple of years.

Its design allows it to function in all weather conditions. It is also compatible with different vehicles including cars, motorbikes, vans, and even trucks. This product comes with a light bag for convenient storage.

Iron Forge Tools also offers a lifetime replacement warranty for all its products.

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Also Great: ABN Jumper Cables

Another great buy that you need to check out is the ABN Jumper Cables with commercial vehicle booster cables. One of its best feats is its portability despite its cable length. Though its booster tangle-free cable measures 25 feet long, its weigh only around 3.73 lbs. Its 2 gauge – 600 AMP feature is also strong enough to boost jump a truck battery.

It is easy to use because of its colored clamp handles that would prevent the crossing of wires. This jumper cable is also designed to function in both hot and cold temperatures, making it convenient in different weather conditions. Lastly, ABN offers a one year warranty from the date of purchase.

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Also Great: CARTMAN Booster Cables

CARTMAN Booster Cables is known for their patented clamp design “inside tongue” for double connection with the battery terminal. This is also part of their 6 gauge, 16 ft. long jumper cable. It also has a twice grip that allows better conductivity between batteries. Clamp surface is coated to prevent electrocution, short circuits, and any other form of unwanted contact.

It is also tested to be flexible even if the temperature drops to -130F. This is an excellent option for a full-size car, mid-size trucks, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles. In case you need a jump boost, this device will do the trick.

Its 5-year warranty assures any buyers of the product’s longevity.

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Budget Pick: CARTMAN Booster Jump Cables

Another CARTMAN Booster Jump Cables is a good pick in case you are looking for a cheaper but still a functional device. This 10 gauge (which means slower charging) and 12 feet long tangle–free jumper cable is ideal when jump-starting a middle size car or any other smaller vehicles. It also has that twice grip design that provides better conductivity and tension between two batteries. In terms of durability, it is also oil- and chemical-resistant.

It is also low-temperature resistant (can stand a drop of -130F). Clamp surface is shielded for added safety (prevents electrocution, short circuits, and any other form of unwanted contact). It is handy and it comes with a neat carry bag for easier transport.

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How to Choose the Best Jumper Cables

Safety Grip

As already mentioned, car problems happen at the most inconvenient times. Having a battery problem during heavy rain or in the dark is a safety nightmare. One wrong move might further damage your car batteries or, even worse, electrocute you in the middle of the road. A high-quality safety grip should always be part of your considerations.


A higher gauge allows you to charge faster. And when it comes to jumper cables, higher number gauge is not better (at least when it comes to charging speed)!


Connecting two car batteries is a great hassle when doing it with a short jumper cable. You don’t want to have two cars positioned bumper-to-bumper when doing an emergency charge. After all, maneuvering a dead car is never a good idea.


When it jumper cables, our top pick EPAuto Heavy-Duty Booster Jumper Cable provides the best balance in terms of safety, gauge (power transfer), cable length. It is also extra heavy-duty making it a good investment for your car emergency kit.

Because you will never know when you will face a car battery problem, it is always convenient to have a life-saver jumper cable just around you. Try to visit your local auto-shop in case you still do not have one.

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