Best Bluetooth Speaker for Cars 2017

Wireless technology is everywhere. Bluetooth is the main reason why this kind of technology is possible. It is found in all modern gadgets or devices. Bluetooth speaker is an example of wireless technology that is perfect for music lovers and travelers. Meanwhile, the one built for cars has a special design to avoid falling off the dashboard.  Here is the best Bluetooth speaker for cars this year:

Our Pick: Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Cambridge Soundworks Portable Bluetooth Speaker is water- and dust-resistant which makes it useful not just for cars. It can also be used poolside, inside the shower, at the beach, on a boat or in campsites. Because of its strong bass, it is popular for young adults and grown men. It is highly recommended as a gift for graduates and dads.

Even if it is adjusted to its max volume, its sound does not distort. The clarity of treble and bass can still be heard. The sounds can completely fill the whole car, even at the back. Aside from cars, this Bluetooth speaker can also be used in-house parties. It is not a hassle to carry this device because of its soft edges, light weight, and compact design. Its rechargeable battery can work constantly for 12 hours.

Runner Up: AVWOO Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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AVWOO Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker has an excellent bass quality and a loud, clear sound comparable to subwoofers made for cars. It can work continuously for eight hours. It is compatible with iPads, iPhones and Android devices for volume and music track control, as well as receiving calls thanks to the built-in microphone.

This Bluetooth speaker for cars can also be used at home, especially if you are busy running around doing chores. You just have to use its lanyard and hang it around your wrist or neck. You can also attach it to your bag if you are outdoors. Aside from its functionality, it has a classy wood texture which is solid at the same time.

Also Great: Gideon Aqua Audio Cubo Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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Gideon Aqua Audio Cubo Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker has a unique design. It has a suction cup so you can also use it inside the shower without the need to find a surface for it to stand on. You can still connect to this Bluetooth speaker even if you are 50 feet away. Despite its long playing time of 10 hours, it can already be fully charged in less than three hours.

Also Great: Supertooth Buddy Bluetooth Visor Car Speakerphone

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Supertooth Buddy Bluetooth Visor Car Speakerphone is perfect for professionals, especially managers and supervisors. It can be connected to two smartphones at the same time. If one phone receives a call, it automatically pairs with this Bluetooth speakerphone. You can even reject a call and redial the most recent number using this device. This product can work for 20 hours with just pure calls. Its clip can securely attach to the car’s sun visor.

Also Great: Motorola Sonic Rider Bluetooth Car Speakerphone

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Motorola Sonic Rider Bluetooth Car Speakerphone enables you to send or receive calls in the clearest way possible. It can reduce noise and echo in the background for smoother conversations. It has a whopping 45 hours of talking time. This Bluetooth speaker for cars emits signals when it is on mute, disconnected, or runs out of battery for fewer mistakes from your end. It can save data of up to six different connections so that any member of the family can automatically connect.

Budget Pick: Jabra Tour Bluetooth Car Speakerphone

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Jabra Tour Bluetooth Car Speakerphone has HD voice quality. It can completely cancel background noise. It has a larger size than most car speakerphones to capture your voice no matter where you are inside the car. This Bluetooth speaker for cars has a mind-blowing motion sensor for automatic on and off to save battery.

How to Select the Best Bluetooth Speaker for Cars

Here are important factors to consider before purchasing the best Bluetooth speaker for cars:

  • Type

    Bluetooth speakers for cars can be classified into three: music player, speakerphone and both. Some Bluetooth speakers just focus on playing music. On the other hand, speakerphones give you an easier time talking to people while driving due to their noise reduction, microphone, and HD voice quality. There are Bluetooth speakers that can do both. Think about your priorities when buying a Bluetooth speaker for your car.

  • Sound

    Even if both treble and bass are important in music, a lot of Bluetooth speakers for cars enhance low frequencies more than high ones. Many people just prefer to hear bass sounds all the time. However, high-quality ones focus on both. Their clarity is so excellent that treble blends beautifully with loud bass. Loudness is good as well, but the best Bluetooth speaker for cars must not distort the quality of treble and bass even at its maximum volume.

  • Play Time

    The best Bluetooth speaker for cars can work continuously for more than five hours. Most high-quality car speakers can play music for eight to 12 hours nonstop. Speakerphones last even longer than regular speakers because they can function 20-50 hours without turning off. After all, their only function is receiving calls.

  • Portability

    Bluetooth speakers for cars must be stable during travel. They should not fall off the dashboard. Common reasons why Bluetooth speakers can be used in cars are their portability and stability features such as lanyards, suction cups, and clip-on. Light weight and compactness are also useful for portability.

  • Control

    Low-quality and outdated Bluetooth speakers for cars just focus on wireless capability. However, the best ones must enable wireless control as well. You should be able to control the volume, music tracks and incoming calls through the Bluetooth speaker because it is dangerous to use a phone while driving.


Bluetooth speakers for cars are different compared to regular ones because they ensure portability and stability inside the vehicle. Their quality also sounds good in a small, enclosed space. Make sure that the Bluetooth speaker you will buy can be securely placed inside the car and also receive calls. On the other hand, you may also want to check our take on the best radar detector available on the market today.