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The Best Car Floor Jacks in 2022

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A car, no matter how powerful its horsepower and surface is, can actually be fragile. It needs to be maintained as much as possible to avoid damages, find hidden problems or fix the source of a certain automotive issue. The hardest part of car maintenance? Looking underneath the vehicle.

To make this possible, you have to use a car floor jack. Basically, a floor jack is a very important tool that enables you to manually lift the car inches above the ground, just enough for you to slide in and tinker something underneath. It is also helpful when you need to change your tires. If you’re currently looking for a new jack, we need to find out the best car floor jacks in the market right now.

Top Pick: Arcan Aluminum Floor Jack

Arcan Aluminum Floor Jack

The greatest hazard of using a car floor jack is having an ultra-heavy metallic object falling right above you while you’re still lying on the ground. A cheap price is nothing compared to your safety. That’s why our top choice is the most expensive one yet the most durable.

Arcan’s car floor jack may be lighter than most of its kind. However, this heavy-duty aluminum tool can lift vehicles up to 3 tons. Its arm responsible for lifting is reinforced. So, it increases the product’s strength, durability and control. It also rises fast compared to most car floor jacks. Because of two pump pistons, Arcan’s jack can lift cars easily up to 19.4 inches. This product can also go as low as 3.6 inches.

Because of this product’s expensive price and high quality, Arcan’s car floor jack is more perfect for professionals and auto shops. It can be a great investment for businesses. But, if you’re just an occasional DIY home mechanic, you don’t have to resort to this price. There are still quality products out there that are much more affordable.

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Runner-Up: Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

From the most expensive car floor jack, now we move on to the cheapest one here. The most amazing thing about Pro-Lift’s car jack is that it is too budget-friendly yet buyers are very satisfied with it. One may expect that a cheap product would not function properly. This product proves otherwise.

The main catch of this product is for low-profile use. Aside from literally lifting low and lighter cars based on the special standard of 3 to 14 inches, Pro-Lift’s simple jack just aims to help low-profile DIY mechanics whenever a certain auto fix is needed.

Obviously, this product is not for daily use. It would not probably last for years compared to pricier car floor jacks. Still, it is a high-quality tool for occasional and light use. It is also good for travel.

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Other Products You Should Consider

These next products have mixed reactions from buyers. However, they still stand out from the rest because of their affordable prices and certain special features.

Powerzone Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

Powerzone Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

Despite being lightweight due to aluminum, Powerzone’s car floor jack can still lift vehicles up to 18 inches with a 3-ton weight. Meanwhile, its arm is made of steel for durability and strength. It is the perfect mix of portability and power because of two kinds of metals.

Unfortunately, when it comes to smooth control, Arcan still beats Powerzone. The arm movement of the latter is more difficult to control. Adjusting the vehicle to go high or low is harder with Powerzone. This product also has some issues with how low quality the bolts are.

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Torin SUV Service Jack

Torin SUV Service Jack

Cheaper than Powerzone yet slightly more expensive than Pro-Lift, Torin’s car floor jack gives a lasting impression to some happy buyers. It may require lots of pumping to achieve maximum height. But, it is way easier to pump than most jacks. The product also comes with an extension piece for extra height. It is definitely a value for money item.

The downside? Torin’s car floor jack doesn’t have a single handle available. It can be quite a hassle to carry this product around. But, it is still one of the best car floor jacks made for occasional use in an affordable price.

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How to Pick the Right Car Jack

Before finally deciding on what brand of car floor jack you should purchase, you must know first important factors to consider to avoid any regrets.

Car Type

Cars may differ when it comes to ground clearance. Some are closer to the ground such as sports cars and race cars. These cars are fit for low-profile car floor jacks. They are easier to lift. Car jacks with hydraulics are also best for these types of vehicle. On the other hand, scissor jacks are made for travel because you can just hide them in your car’s trunk. Still, you need to consider how low or high your car is. Meanwhile, bottle jacks are for vehicles with high ground clearance such as trucks. That’s why in searching for the right product, you must know how many inches can the car jack reach.

Car Weight

Floor jacks have different capacities when it comes to weight. As a careful buyer, you need to consider your car’s weight and compare it with a product you’re considering. Ton is usually the unit of measurement used in product details. Typically, 2-ton floor jacks are for compact cars. Standard vehicles such as luxury cars, SUVs, trucks and vans are for 3-ton jacks. Other large vehicles need a floor jack higher than 4 tons.


Quality normally comes with a price. The more expensive a floor jack gets, the more it fits heavy-duty car work. However, if you’re just an amateur mechanic, the type to prefer DIY than going to auto shops, then you just need affordable jacks. Most likely, you will just do occasional work. Otherwise, if you’re a pro, then find the most durable products in the market to avoid buying replacements.

Owning a car is definitely convenient because you can go to different places as often as you want. Plus, with a luxury car, you’re a star on the road. Still, this requires dedication in maintenance. A floor jack is one of the most essential tools needed to fix or maintain a car. So, make sure to choose one of the best car floor jacks.

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