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Best Car Battery

A car battery, technically known as automotive battery or starting-lighting-ignition (SLI) battery, is rechargeable. Its electrical energy is the reason why you can start your car’s engine anytime, as long as it is fully charged. The battery’s main function is initiating the mechanism, not maintaining it while moving. Although, it can also

Best Car Alarm

A car is a big investment so you need to protect it as well as your belongings inside, so it is just as important to invest in a good quality car alarm. You should consider car security as a top priority. It will make your car more difficult to steal and it

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Cars 2017

Wireless technology is everywhere. Bluetooth is the main reason why this kind of technology is possible. It is found in all modern gadgets or devices. Bluetooth speaker is an example of wireless technology that is perfect for music lovers and travelers. Meanwhile, the one built for cars has a special design to

Best 10 Inch Subwoofer 2017

Since the ‘90s, subwoofers are installed in cars to produce a louder audio system which is useful for people who love bass sounds and street parties. Also called subs, they are technically woofers or loudspeakers that focus on low-pitched frequencies, commonly called as bass. They are usually available in the standard size

Best Windshield Sunshades for Cars 2017

One annoying thing about being a car owner happens during hot weather. Your car seems like an oven after parking it under the harsh sun. The best solution for this is buying a windshield sunshade. If you’re planning to buy a new one, here are the best windshield sunshades for cars this

Best Baby Car Seats 2017

Being car owners, safety is our main concern. What makes a car owner even more particular about safety is having kids. Being a normal parent, you want your child to be even safer than you. One of the most important things to own as a parent is a car seat for the

Best Car Battery Testers 2017

Not testing your car battery regularly would possibly lead to a sudden power failure in the middle of nowhere. Just imagine how alarming that would be. Doing a test when the battery starts getting weak is not that helpful compared to regular check-up. You can even throw away a good battery just

Best Car Steering Wheel Covers 2017

Driving a car means frequent contact between your hands and the steering wheel. Sometimes, you drive long distances to go out of town. That requires longer grip on the wheel which may tire your hands out after the drive. Another problem you can face being a daily driver is harsh weather. Severely

Best Car Floor Jacks 2017

A car, no matter how powerful its horsepower and surface is, can actually be fragile. It needs to be maintained as much as possible to avoid damages, find hidden problems or fix the source of a certain automotive issue. The hardest part of car maintenance? Looking underneath the vehicle. To make this

Best Car Waxes 2017

A car can actually be someone’s pride and joy. It can be a symbol of hard work and success. That’s why most of us would do anything just to keep their cars look flawless and extra clean. Let’s take a look on the best car waxes in the market to ensure that