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The Best Compact Cars 2014

Compact cars have been around for an impressive number of decades and have become largely popular after the year 2000. The reasons for which families choose this type of vehicle are related to their high fuel economy and the

Geely Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models

Geely, officially known as ‘Zhejiang Geely Holding Group CO. Ltd’, was established in 1986. The company was founded by Li Shufu as a refrigerator manufacturing unit. It is said that Li Shufu borrowed money from his family

Kia Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models

Kia Motors, the largest automobile manufacturer in Korea, second to Hyundai, saw its inception way back in 1952. However, the history of Korea goes way back to 1944, when the company manufactured bicycle parts and steel pipes

Hyundai Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models

Hyundai Motor Company, one of the best automobile manufacturers in the world, saw its inception in 1967. However, the history of Hyundai goes way back to 1947 when Chung Ju-Yung incorporated the ‘Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company’.

Renault Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models

Renault, the world famous manufacturer of lorries, vans, buses, tractors, and cars, was founded in 1899 as the ‘Société Renault Frères’ by the Renault brothers, Louis, Marcel and Fernand. However, much of the credit for starting the

Citroen Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models

Automobiles Citroen S.A was founded by Andre-Gustave Citroen in 1919. Andre was a French industrialist and freemason and used to mass produce armaments. However, in the mid 1910s, he developed an interest in the automobile industry. After