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2017 Kia K900 Review

By Matt Zimmerman


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2017 Kia K900

Some cars are just a liability. They are full of boredom and insecure luxury and behave somehow like they are slapped by “Luxury”. Further, they are termed luxury, but in fact, they are not luxury at all. They are just an earful of lux and comfort.

Well, this is what Kia does to its car. And more often its cars are Killed-In-Action. Among these martyrs, we have this Kia K900 or K9 or Quoris. A car with three different titles and all representing nothing else than a liability.

The K900 was introduced in 2012 as a replacement of Amanti and Opirus. In North America, it replaced the Amanti while in rest of the world it replaced Opirus. This car might be earning a good revenue from South Korea. But when it is about the North America, Europe or the Middle East, it is just surviving there. Someone must have stolen her blue passport. Well, in Australia it would be even living happily.

Since its launch, Kia has teamed up this car with the exterior and interior improvements. But the performance schedules do not leave a good mark behind on the driver. Especially in the land of driving enthusiasts you need something to dwell faster, quickly and with agility. But its powertrain is not set to behave like that.

The base price for this car is $49,900. Further, three different models are available for the K900. The standard model is the V6 premium. Next, comes the V6 Luxury, which is $5,000 expensive than the base model. And if you need a V8 K900 then go for the V8 Luxury. It will add $7,000 more to your invoice.

Well, now is time to explore the Kia K900.

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3.3 – 5.0 L8 – speed automatic311 – 420 hp293 – 376 lb – ft
0 – 62 MPHTop SpeedBody StyleMPG
5.5s163 mphSedan15 city/ 26 highway


Hood of 2017 Kia K900

The Kia K900 is available in two different powertrains. The North American market gets the 3.8 L V6 and the 5.0 L V8 gasoline engines. The V6 powertrain has 311 hp of power with 293 lb-ft of torque. Well, this engine has been brought in from Russia, with love. The Quoris nameplate of the K900 was the first to use this engine. This is even the tamest powertrain available in the K900 series.

The 5.0 L V8 monster, is just monster by name. Otherwise, it is just a decent fella. This engine was purely designed for the North American market. And it was the only powertrain available here. But a lethargic market response and hefty price tag force Kia to bring in the V6 engine. Well, this V8 machine has 420 hp of power to offer. And it revs at 376 lb-ft of torque. When we talk about the V8, we consider the power and thrust that engine could produce. But this V8 fellow is not that much strong. Certainly, the driving enthusiasts expect a V8 engine to go above 500 hp of power. But this one has just crossed 400.

In the K900 V8 Luxury, we were able to reach 0-62 mph in 5.5 seconds. Well, that is the best performance of this car. The Kia K900 is available only with the 8-speed automatic transmission. If there had been a manual transmission, the performance schedule would have been different.

The steering ability of the K900 is pretty fine. If turned gently in the city. And over the highways, the steering response was quick. Even the braking is fine. The K900 stopped within 166-foot from 70-0 mph.

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2017 Kia K900 Exterior

The exterior expression matters a lot while choosing a car. Not everyone cares about the speed and acceleration. Instead, there are some guys who prefer the exterior design over performance.

Well, the Kia K900 looks simple and elegant. The design is not much lucrative, but it is pretty decent. At the front, the K900 utilizes Kia’s signature Tiger Nose Grille. The bonnet, roof and the rear have some application of the aerodynamics. But that is not sufficient to exit a strong wind tunnel.

The V6 Premium is available in only three colors. While the Luxury models share 4 colors each. The entry and the mid-level models have the HID headlamps. While the V8 version has the LED headlamps. Well, DRL is standard for all the models in the range. The 18-inch alloy wheels with the paint finish are standard for the V6 versions. On the other hand, the V8 version gets the 19-inch alloy wheels with chrome finishing.

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Interior of 2017 Kia K900

The interior is even characterized on the basis of the trim level. Like the base model gets the leather seats, while the Luxury models have the Nappa leather seats. Along with this, there is an option for the quilted Nappa seating in the V8 Luxury. All these models share the heated front seats.

The V6 Premium has a leather-wrapped steering wheel. And if you are longing to see a wooden steering wheel wrapped in leather then get any of the Luxury models. Even the Luxury models have the heated steering wheel. The accent trim in the base model has aluminum on it. While the upper models get the luxury of the real wood.

The Kia K900 is pretty spacious inside. The legroom and the headroom in both the rows are quite expanded. And even the trunk offers some good space for the cargo.

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Features of 2017 Kia K900

The Kia K900 gets a modest infotainment system. It is powered by UVO luxury. Further, the SiriusXM Satellite Radio is standard on all the trim levels of the Kia K900. Along with that voice recognition is even standard. The Bluetooth audio streaming and telephony is available in all the models of the K900.

The V8 luxury model gets 12.3-inch driver’s cluster. The audio system is quite fine in the base model. But the upper trim gets some premium notch. They both share the 17-speakers audio system with eloquent audio.

Besides, we have some reservations with the infotainment system of this car. Especially the navigation was not like the ones we experienced in its competitors.


2017 Kia K900 Safety

The safety is one of the most important chapters of every car. Does not matter what class it belongs. Well, Kia has even blessed the K900 with some serious safety measures. It has ample amount of passive safety to keep the occupants safe.

Further, the active safety features are even quite splendid. It has cruise control, parking assistance system and surrounds view monitor. On top of that blind spot detection and rear cross traffic, alert system are standard.


Lincoln Continental

What to tell about the Lincoln Continental? It is certainly the same car but under a different badge. But all that is different is the price factor. The Continental is cheaper than the K900. And this is what makes it rank higher in the market.

Well, the K900 could only the choice of the Kia lovers. Otherwise, it has nothing spectacular in it.



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