2018 Toyota Avensis Review

Overview: The Toyota cars speak almost every language in the world. They speak English, they are native Japanese speakers, they know Dutch and they are even familiar with the South Asian languages. In every corner of the world, you would encounter a Toyota. Well, every other day Toyota is introducing …

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2018 Toyota C-HR Review

Overview: The Toyota has done numerous experiments with the automobiles. In the beginning, they were producing the domestic or the urban cars. Then they moved into the world of heavy vehicles. Then at some point, they started producing sports cars. And finally, they thought nothing would be better than Corolla. …

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2018 Toyota Corolla Review

Overview: Some cars leave a long-lasting effect on the drivers. Although they are simple, they have some magic that attracts the driver and the passengers. Well, the mid-20th Century has the most examples. Like the Volkswagen Beetle and the Toyota Corolla. Well, here we are concerned about the Toyota Corolla …

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2018 Toyota RAV4 Review

Overview: The Toyota RAV4 is a solid small crossover SUV (sports utility vehicle). Toyota is the oldest and largest automobile company in Japan. It has a long list of vehicles ranging from consumer choice to the sports vehicles. It has manufactured these vehicles not only locally but also for the …

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2018 Toyota Tundra Review

Overview: The Toyota has a versatile track record of creating various automobiles. It has produced the urban cars, the entry-level luxury cars, SUVs and the sports cars. But up till 1999, Toyota had never produced a full-size cab for the North American market. Actually, none of the Japanese automobile manufacturers …

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