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What Is A Certified Used Car

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Most people who shop for vehicles nowadays are likely to turn to the internet for effective research. There is a phenomenal amount of advice on how to get the perfect vehicle, how to negotiate with dealerships and how to get the best interest rate. However, another forgotten option that buyers may want to consider is buying certified used cars. So, what is a certified used car? To understand, continue reading.

Certified Used Car
Certified Used Car

Understanding Certified Used Cars

The certified used cars program began back in the early 90s with luxury cars that were coming off a lease. Many of these vehicles already had good mileage and were in terrific shape. So, automobile manufacturers decided to recondition these vehicles to allow them to come back on the markets.

Now the thing about these cars is that they come with extended used car warranty, extra features, and attractive financing deals. This is why the market of these vehicles eventually increased; many consumers were able to buy their dream cars at prices rather reasonable.

Please note that certified used cars aren’t the ordinary cars you find on marketplace websites. The only used cars that make it into a certification program are those that have an age less than 5 years and have run fewer than 80,000 miles.

If these cars meet the mileage and age cutoff, they are traded in to a dealer and go through a 100-point inspection. In this inspection, all damages, engine issues, and potential problems are highlighted. Defective, worn, and broken parts are replaced and the vehicle is brought back to almost brand new condition.

In short, vehicles that have been refurbished directly from certified manufacturers and then sold at dealerships are known as certified used cars. So why should your purchase a certified car? Well, let’s take a look at a few benefits of certified used cars and find out why:

Reduced Maintenance

One of the best features of certified used cars is that they do not require any costly maintenance. Since, they carry a certification directly from the manufacturer and have been thoroughly inspected and reconditioned, they offer greater reliability and durability.

Generally, certified used cars come equipped with genuine manufacturer parts including brakes, exhaust system, battery and new tires. They are often cleaner and newer, as compared to used cars found on marketplace websites.

Multiple Options

There are hundreds of used cars certified from manufacturers all around the country, meaning you will find a gamut of choices to choose from. Therefore, you are not restricted to only limited makes and models, as you can visit numerous dealerships all around your city to see a larger collection of certified used vehicles. Additionally, there are even luxury certified used vehicles available, which means you might actually get a chance to own your dream car.

Reasonable Prices

When compared to cars found on marketplace websites, certified used cars from dealerships come with more competitive pricing. This allows you to avoid hefty spending that occurs during a new car purchase. Even if the prices are high, the vehicle is completely refurbished and is clear of all issues and problems and doesn’t require any expensive repairs. Therefore, the costs nearly add up to the same, as when purchasing a non-certified used vehicle.

Extended Warranty

Many pre-owned certified cars come with both basic and the original power-train warranty. Typically, these vehicles come with a longer-term warranty and if any issues do occur the warranty can be claimed and the vehicle can be repaired without having to worry about spending a penny out of your pocket. Certified used vehicles will have the same features as a new-vehicle warranty for an extended period, but for a lower cost. So, what else could a person ask for?

Roadside Assistance

Is your vehicle giving trouble? Are you stranded on the empty roads? Well, have no worry as certified used cars come with special roadside and towing assistance. This liberty usually comes with the extended warranty, meaning you can call for free 24-hours roadside assistance.

The roadside assistance generally lasts for the duration of the extended basic warranty coverage. The service can be taken advantage of in circumstances when vehicle owners need a jump-start, lock themselves out of their vehicle, run out of gas, or in cases of accidents.

Low Interest Financing

So, you have found your dream car, but are slightly out of your purchasing budget. Well, why worry when you can take advantage of low interest financing? Almost all certified used vehicles come with low interest financing.

This allows buyers to purchase their favorite vehicle and take advantage of lower interest rates and monthly payments. You can receive low interest financing from any certified dealership, without having to worry about the tedious and painful bank process and filling of paperwork, as the dealerships will do it for you.

Increased Reliability

As mentioned earlier, since vehicles approved for the certification program by manufacturers are usually 5 years old or less, they offer greater reliability. Manufacturers generally only consider latest vehicle models, relatively low-mileage cars with no history of major damage.

You get a vehicle which is as good as a new car with extended warranties, low pricing, and low financing, so you can be assured of the increased reliability of purchasing a certified used car.

Peace of Mind

Last but not the least, owners love the peace of mind that comes from buying a vehicle, which is certified and guaranteed directly from the manufacturer. Additionally, even if something does go wrong, you can simply take advantage of the extended warranty and have your vehicle replaced for a better one, without having to worry about paying extra money.

Which Option Is Better? A Used Or Certified Car?

We definitely believe that certified cars are the best choice amongst new, used and certified vehicles. They don’t cost as much as a brand new car, but it is basically like a new vehicle. It’s also trouble free compared to used cars, as they have been thoroughly inspected by the manufacturer and come with all the added benefits. It only costs a little bit more compared to used cars, but much more cheaper than a brand new car, giving you the best of both worlds.

So, which option do you think is better? Used cars of certified used cars? If you think certified used cars are a good option, make sure you do some research before you go shopping. Consider checking out the resale values, mileage, condition, and additional equipment. This way, you will be able to get your favorite vehicle at the best price.

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