2017 Honda Clarity Review

Overview: Honda has been working alongside other Japanese automobile companies to develop alt-fuel vehicles. The Toyota Prius could never be forgotten as it laid the base for the alt-fuel cars. But besides Prius, there are even a number of other developments that are based on hybrid technology. The Honda Clarity …

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2017 Honda Accord Review

Overview: The world of the automobile industry has changed a lot. The simply family carriages have turned into family pacers. The luxuries are no more luxuries. Instead, they have become grand tourers. And the sports cars have turned into supercars. But some of the cars are bearing the scope of …

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2017 Honda Ridgeline

2017 Honda Ridgeline Review

Overview: There are very few off-road vehicles in Honda’s fleet. Mainly the production line implies to the assembly of family cars and performance machines. And certainly, Honda is well versed in creating subtle domestic cars. Alongside, Honda has even some expertise of producing Sports Utility Vehicles and Trucks. Though there …

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2017 Honda Pilot Review

Overview: The 90’s economic crisis of Japan made the Japanese automobile makers produce only the basic vehicles. There weren’t any performance or upscale cars produced by Japan. But a few of them did build the power machine but just for the international market. Till the beginning of the new millennium, …

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2017 Honda Odyssey Review

Overview: Japanese automobile companies are versatile in producing family cars. Whatever the company you pick, you’ll find amazing small and mid – size cars from it. In the column of the family cars, there is a segment called Minivans. That’s yet another useful vehicle for families. The Odyssey is a …

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2017 Honda Fit Review

Overview: Among the world of hatchback cars, Honda Fit has earned a lot of fame. It is one of the practical hatchbacks in terms of space, performance, and mileage. Honda Fit is also known as Honda Jazz which is marketed in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Honda is producing Fit …

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