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2017 Honda Accord Review

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2017 Honda Accord

The world of the automobile industry has changed a lot. The simply family carriages have turned into family pacers. The luxuries are no more luxuries. Instead, they have become grand tourers. And the sports cars have turned into supercars. But some of the cars are bearing the scope of market competition. Instead of developing, they have relegated in size and performance to meet the market expectation. While some have been affected by the economic slums.

Same is the history of the Honda’s renowned Accord. The Accord was first time introduced in 1976. It was launched as the mid and small sized city rider for those seeking family cars. And after 13 years the small size accord was discontinued. In 2008, the full-length sedan body style was introduced for the accord. But it did not last long in North America.

The Honda Accord is a family car. Well, Honda might include it in the luxury class. But it would take a lot to this car to be counted among the luxuries. Well, if it is placed among the family sedans with decent characteristics, it would fit in that.

Since the first launch, Accord has gone through nine generations. And the present day Accord is the finalizer of the present generation. Along with that, it is even the base for the tenth generation, which will be introduced in 2018.

Well, the most glorious aspect for Honda is that Accord is sold worldwide. It is among the most selling cars in the world. Regardless of its styling, interior and performance, it is liked by a number of drivers and passengers.

The present-day Honda Accord is priced as low as $22,455. And that would be the LX model that you can get at this price.


2.0 – 3.5 L6 – speed manual

5 & 6 – speed automatic


185 – 278 hp181 – 252 lb – ft
0 – 62 MPHTop SpeedBody StyleMPG
5.6s143 mphSedan


24 city/ 33 highway


Hood of 2017 Honda Accord

The Earth Dream is one of the widely used drivetrains in Honda cars. Even cars from Acura even use these engines. Well, the Honda Accord is a full spec version for the families. It has a decent powertrain, understandable shift management and is easier to drive. Along with that, the handling of the car is perfect for the urban roads and the highways.

The Honda Accord is offered with a 2.4 L inline-4 engine. It comes with a 6-speed manual transmission. If you prefer the automatic transmission, then a CVT is even available. Well, this engine has 185 hp of power delivering 181 lb-ft of torque. These are pretty decent figures for a city car. And this is one of the most selling drivetrains of the Honda Accord. It is not just marketed across North America, instead, it covers the whole globe.

For the driving enthusiast Accord has got a 3.5 L V6 engine. This comes with 278 hp of power with 252 lb-ft of torque. Well, this drivetrain gets a 5 or 6-speed automatic transmission. For sure it is even a family rider. But indeed it a powerful family car.

It lapped 0 – 62 mph in 5.6 seconds. And that is indeed quite powerful for a city car. While its track best is 143 mph.

Besides these powertrains, there is a hybrid version available as well. That comes with a 2.0 L inline-4 engine. And offers 214 hp of power with 230 lb-ft of torque. The performance of the hybrid Accord has been improved just recently. Before this, the power was falling short to 200. Well, this is not a plug-in hybrid, but still, it gives around 44 – 45 mpg combined.

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2017 Honda Accord Exterior

The Honda Accord has a pretty decent design. From the sides, it looks like a sober sedan that is meant for the families. While from the front and rear it looks like a sporty sedan. Well actually, it is a mixture of sports and delicacy.

The Honda Accord LX is the base model of this series. It comes with the standard looks available in the Accord. The 16-inch alloy wheels are standard. While an option of 17-inch alloy wheels is available.

When we move up, we meet the Accord Sport with mostly a sporty structure. It comes with 19-inch alloy wheels. Further, there are a number of sporty enhancements available for the exterior.

The Sport Special Edition adds some more color to the cosmetics. It has enhanced grille styling and rear finishing. The EX, EX-L and the EX-L-V6 jump into sober dimensions of styling. But the touring offers the finest design structure in the whole Accord series. In a way, it is the revamped version of the Honda Accord Sport.

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Interior of 2017 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has got a pretty decent interior setting. Everything is aligned in an ideal manner in this car. It is not a luxury, but it is sophisticated. The color choice is nice. And even the trim shades are brilliant. But for the cockpit, we would say that it looks much like of a plane. Honda could have borrowed the design of its aircraft cockpit for the Accord. Well, this is what the folks say about this car.

There is too much on the steering wheel. The first sight might puzzle you. But when you pay attention, you will find that almost every control of the car has been placed on the wheel. Well, the signs are easier to understand. And the functionality is relatively better than rest of the Hondas.

Accord has the leather seats. Though, still not luxury, but comfortable. Well, Accord is spacious inside. And even the trunk offers plenty of space. But it is reduced than what it was in the previous edition. It seems like, Honda would even reduce it further.

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Features of 2017 Honda Accord

The 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system is offered in Honda Accord. Well, it supports the Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto. These are the amazing features of the Accord’s infotainment system.

Well, the navigation is much like the other cars of Honda. And that is where Accords lacks a bit. Honda would have to improve its system for a better interface. While the present system is better than what it was before.

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2017 Honda Accord Safety

The Honda Accord has earned a good safety rating. Accord has 5-Stars on its safety label. The occupants are safe in this car. There were some concerns regarding the driver and the front row passenger. But that issue has evenly resolved.

In the column of the active safety, the accord offers lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation braking system and lane departure monitoring.

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Mazda Mazda6

The Honda Accord gets its competitors from Japan. It is the Mazda 6, yet another family rider. Well, Japanese are certainly the experts of manufacturing family cars. And every other Japanese car has the finest safety, tremendous city performance, and family liking interior. Well, Mazda6 is even a fantastic car. But it comes with a single powertrain. This lack of variety ranks it lower than Accord.

Are you planning to get a family sedan? Then there is no other option than Accord. It has an economic price, nice structure, and decent performance. Moreover, it even has a good resale value.



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