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2017 Honda Odyssey Review

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2017 Honda Odyssey

Japanese automobile companies are versatile in producing family cars. Whatever the company you pick, you’ll find amazing small and mid – size cars from it. In the column of the family cars, there is a segment called Minivans. That’s yet another useful vehicle for families.

The Odyssey is a minivan from Honda. As a result of an economic crisis in Japan, the authorities made the automobile companies of the country to produce economical cars. The outcome of the restrictions were the minivans. At that time there wasn’t any update available for those cars as well.

Well in the meantime, Honda launched Odyssey. This was 1994. The car was marketed in the whole world. In Europe Odyssey was marketed as Honda Shuttle and in China as Honda Elysion. The same version was marketed in North America. But there this minivan was unable to earn a good rep for Honda because of its small size.

Ultimately, Honda planned to resize the model for the North American market. However, the same smaller model was highly acknowledged in Japan. To target the North American markets, Honda installed its plant in Alabama. This plant was equipped to produce bigger in size Odyssey. Chronologically, in 1999 Honda was able to step in the North American market with a booming Odyssey. The enlarged version of Odyssey was marketed in Japan as Honda LaGreat till 2004.

Presently Odyssey is in its fifth generation. But for the North America, it is in its fourth generation. This generation was introduced in 2013 for the model year 2014.

The starting price of Honda Odyssey is $29,850. Honda Odyssey is divided into six models: LX, EX, SE, EX – L, Touring and Touring Elite.

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2.4 – 3.5 L6 – speed automatic


174 – 248 hp166 – 250 lb – ft
0 – 62 MPHTop SpeedBody StyleMPG
7.7s120 mph5 – door minivan19 city/ 27 highway


Hood of 2017 Honda Odyssey

Internationally Odyssey is offered with a 2.4 L inline 4 – cylinder engine. This configuration has 174 horses @ 166 lb – ft of torque. The car has front – wheel – drive powertrain as standard. While an optional four – wheels – drive powertrain is available with the international Odyssey. This is the Honda’s standard engine configuration. It is the i-VTEC injector engine. This engine technology is certainly a fuel-saving tech.

When we move to the North American market, we meet the V6 Odyssey. This minivan in North America has a 3.5 L V6 engine with 248 horses @ 250 lb – ft of torque. This Odyssey can tow up to 3,500 pounds of weight.

With the former one, we achieved the mileage EPA of 35 mpg. While the later one gave us 22 mpg. This is because of the V6 machine sitting in the North American Odyssey.

The development of the hybrid technology in Honda resulted in fuel mileage improvement. In 2013 the hybrid tech was introduced in Odyssey. The system resulted in bettering the mileage of the car and reducing the weight. But this version is yet not available in the North American market.

When it comes to steering Odyssey, it is found to be a steady urban candidate. It handling is smooth, sharp and crispy. Ultimately, it is certainly a full fledged family van. The agility of its handling is tested over uneven surfaces. This minivan absorbed almost every shock in the path.

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2017 Honda Odyssey Exterior

Conventionally the minivans are a stub. Styling and design is not really found in them. But the class from which the Honda Odyssey belongs has contributed towards the design and shape of minivans.

Odyssey has an elegant family shape. From front to back, it gives a sober look. The front grille does not embark the romance of a tiger with aggression roaring from its mouth. Certainly, it depicts the custom of modesty and calmness. The sooth transfers from the grille to the headlights.

Aerodynamics are a part of this minivan. They really don’t contribute heavily in its performance, still, there is some portion present. On the back of the Odyssey, there is a thin spoiler available, which is an active example of aerodynamics.

The LX (base model) comes with the 17-inch wheels with covers. The next three models (EX, SE, and EX – L) have the 17-inch alloy wheel. While the Touring and Touring Elite model share the 18-inch alloy wheels.

The road grip of the car is enhanced by its tires. Odyssey has the all – season – tires as a standard for all the models.


Interior of 2017 Honda Odyssey

In a minivan, you’d rather expect space to be enormous. But Odyssey has something more than that. It allows 7 – 8 passengers (including the driver) to sit in the car comfortably. And on top of that, the interior of the car is comfortable and soft.

There is ample space for cargo in Odyssey. With the 3rd row up, there is almost 38 cu ft of space available. Upon folding the third row, you get almost 93 cu ft of space. And finally upon folding the second row as well you get a whole lot of space measuring around 149 cu ft.

The base model can only seat 7 passengers. Besides the base model, all the rest of the models can seat 8 passengers. We fitted in 6 adults in Odyssey, comfortably.


Features of 2017 Honda Odyssey

Odyssey has 8-inch infotainment system standard in all models. The system features the Pandora® Compatibility, SMS and SiriusXM® Radio. Navigation is only available for the upper trims of the car.

HondaVAC® is a vacuum cleaning feature of Odyssey. It has been installed for instant cleaning of the back row of the car. This feature is only available in SE and Touring Elite model of the car.


2017 Honda Odyssey Safety

Odyssey has attained Five Star Rating in the safety check. Its reliable structure enrolls it in the list of family rides. Well, Odyssey has a number of active safety features. Such as Vehicle Stability Assist™, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Anti-Lock Braking System and a number of others. In the column of passive safety, Odyssey is amply equipped. It has ample amount of seat safety and airbags available.


Chrysler Pacifica

Honda Odyssey gets the competition from the Chrysler Pacifica. Both of the cars are similarly priced. But Pacifica has more power and better fuel mileage as compared to Odyssey.

But it doesn’t relegate the rank of Odyssey. She could be an absolute choice for a family, looking for convenience and fun.



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