2017 Toyota 4Runner Review

Overview: The majestic rides have their personal prestige. They ride with the passion of utmost glamour. And the rest as the silent beasts in the hollows of mystic peaks. The Toyota 4Runner is one of the waking majestic rides from the Japan. The 4Runner was discovered in 1984. It was …

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2017 Toyota Prius Review

Overview: In the 90s the automobile industry started to discover an alternative fuel to run the cars. Everything that was discovered was either harmful to the mechanics of the cars or were quite expensive for the general consumers. While by 1996, Toyota came up with a plausible, yet the resonant …

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2017 Toyota Prius C Review

Overview: The Toyota Prius has a number of family member. The youngest among them has been titled as Toyota Prius C. It is even known as Toyota Aqua. The suffix ā€œCā€ in the Prius stands for City. This means that Toyota has designed this car to run underpowered. Prius C …

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2017 Toyota 86 Review

It is not an easy job to create a performance car. It takes a lot of effort, time and energy to research and develops something that could perform better than your competitor. But at times, the competitors help out in developing that ride. Same is the case with the Toyota …

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2017 Toyota Camry Review

Overview: Toyota Camry is the Successor of the long-running Toyota Corona. For the first time, Camry was introduced to the world in 1982. Prior to the introduction of Camry, the Toyota Celica Camry was launched in 1979. Camry was introduced as a sub ā€“ model of the Celica series. Some …

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2017 Toyota Avalon Review

Overview: Toyota is one of the finest automobile companies in the world. Since 1937, the company has provided the world with top-class street legal vehicles. Toyota Avalon, the successor of Toyota Cressida, is in the line of production since 1994. Avalon is in its Fourth Generation presently. The car is …

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