2018 Bentley Flying Spur V8 S Review

Overview: The hyper-cars, supercars and the sports cars usually get their performance variants. But here the Bentley has even worked on bringing a performance variant for its Flying Spur V8 series. The Flying Spur V8 has already made a bold impression on its followers. But to mark some more responses …

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2018 BMW Alpina B3 S Biturbo Review

Overview: Agility always stays uncompromised. Especially when it is about the luxury cars, you would not sit back for a horse without a cushioned saddle. Instead, you would love to have all the amenities loaded on it. The same you would expect from an overdone BMW. Way back in late …

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2018 McLaren 570S Review

Overview: Designing an urban errand running car involves too many minds and thoughts. While designing a supercar takes in an innovation, inspiration and intelligence. There are very few intelligently designed cars. And all of them has something very unique are lucrative. Though the supercars do look enchanting, sexy and undeniably …

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2018 Jaguar XE S Review

Overview: The Jaguar XE was introduced with a complete fleet of every drivetrain. It has the 4-cylinder engines, the V6 and the V8 in the slot. But the market growth is just at par. Well, that is mostly because of its price range. Some call it economical while some believe …

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2018 Bentley Continental GT V8 S Review

Overview: The luxury alone suffices to deal with comfort and agility. But sometimes luxury needs to give a bit of muscle to show some power. Well, either without a muscle or with a muscle, it remains the candy for the wealthy. But the muscular attracts those wealthy who lover power …

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