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These are the Best Car Oil Filters in 2022

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All car owners know that oil filter is essential to maintain the quality and enhance the performance of automobiles. Oil filter is so important to machines that it is also used in more advanced engines found in aircrafts and naval vessels. Basically, oil filter is made to eliminate contaminants in different kinds of oil.

These contaminants lessen power of the engine because of poor oil flow around the system. Obviously, this leads to the engine’s poor performance. To ensure that your vehicle stays longer with you on the road, you have to know the best car oil filters.

Top Pick: Royal Purple 10-2835 Extended Life Oil Filter

Royal Purple 10-2835 Extended Life Oil Filter

First of all, it can be difficult to identify the number one product among the best car oil filters. Why? The quality of popular brands is almost similar in nature. However, these brands have certain minimal differences that can be your car’s make or break factor.

In our list, the top pick goes to Royal Purple 10-2835 Extended Life Oil Filter. Aside from the fact that it can definitely filter oil well because of pure screen-back synthetic media, Royal Purple has a thicker shell than other popular brands. Its thick shell aims to give the car a more powerful performance. Its structure is so well-thought-out that it has a center tube to avoid filter element collapse. To contribute more to how powerful this oil filter is, Royal Purple has a heavy-duty back plate made of steel. It is way heavier than most brands.

As a summary, Royal Purple’s solid structure and big size lead to a thorough filtering of contaminants. Cars run faster but smoothly and quietly with this product. Oil stays clean as well despite long-distance drives.

However, one of the major problems of this product is that it does not fit some engines. That’s why before purchasing any oil filter, you really have to make sure it goes well with your car’s features. We also guarantee right now that this brand is the most expensive one in our list. Still, a smart car owner would never compromise the safety of a vehicle just because of a cheaper price.

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Runner-Up: Toyota Genuine Parts 90915-YZZF2 Oil Filter

Toyota Genuine Parts 90915-YZZF2 Oil Filter

The most amazing thing about this oil filter is that it is the cheapest one here but still one of the best. It is a genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product. Obviously, it is an effective eliminator of contaminants to boost engine quality. Although it is specially made for Toyota oil products, it can still be used for other brands.

Despite being a cheaper option, Toyota’s oil filter takes extra care when it comes to packaging. Its gasket is already covered in oil while still sealed. It makes installing easier because you don’t have to manually oil it with your finger anymore. OEM parts are usually high-quality products and Toyota’s oil filter is a budget-friendly one. That makes a pretty strong contender for the top spot. If you are tight on budget, this product is perfect for you.

Still, Royal Purple is a more heavy-duty oil filter. Its construction is way more durable than Toyota’s product. It is made for longer and, at the same time, smoother rides.

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Other Products You Should Consider

K&N and Mobil are other popular oil filter brands with almost the same prices. These are additional products for you to consider, especially if you highly regard branding.

K&N PS-7026 Oil Filter

K&N PS-7026 Oil Filter

This filter is pretty flexible for conventional and synthetic types of oils. It also has a high-quality filtration system like other top brands. Choosing this all goes down to what you really believe would be good for your car. Many happy buyers recommend this product. Another good thing is that it has very minimal criticisms. One important note: K&N has a bigger size than Mobil despite being too similar with each other.

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Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter

Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter

A little bit cheaper than K&N, Mobil’s oil filter focuses on its carefully formulated composition. It received a Multi-Pass Efficiency Rating of 99.6. It also can also hold more contaminants or sediments than other brands with a sum of 28 grams for capacity. When compared to Royal Purple, Mobil’s product can filter even the smallest particles. Another good feature about this product is that it can withstand intense pressure.

Unfortunately, because of its small size and lighter weight, Mobil’s oil filter feels less sturdy than other brands. It also can’t be installed tight enough in some vehicles. As a result, it leaks.

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How to Pick the Right Car Oil Filter

Choosing the right car oil filter comes down to one important thing: your car itself. For a more careful evaluation while considering a product, here are three important factors to help in your decision-making: type, size and structure.


There are actually three major types of car oil filters: primary, secondary and magnetic. Primary oil filters are known to be the default type for most cars. Since cold weather has a huge impact on how the oil flows, primary oil filters can handle large volumes easily. In case this type of filter is clogged, it can activate the bypass valve. The valve can make the oil bypass the primary oil filter so the engine can still run.

On the other hand, secondary oil filters are usually made for diesel and gasoline engines. They can separate the total volume of oil and let one portion pass through another filter for a more extensive cleaning. This type of car oil filter can extend the engine’s life. It also requires minimal oil changes, which is perfect for long drives.

Lastly, the magnetic car oil filters are more advanced and intense. They can attract even the smallest pieces of metal because of a small magnet found inside or outside their canisters, depending on the model. This prevents metal pieces from causing damage inside the engine.

With all of these types of car oil filters in mind, you have to consider the engine of your vehicle. What does your car engine really need to perform its best?


A crucial part of choosing the right car oil filter is the size. Different brands of oil filters may look exactly the same. But, they actually have various sizes and part numbers based on the cars they were made for. You have to consider the model, year and brand of your car. If the wrong size is bought for your car, the filter would definitely leak. Its gasket might be too big or too tiny for your car’s engine.

One way to ensure that you would buy the right size is by reading the manual. The car’s manual actually indicates what type and size of oil filter you should install. Another one is to look for the part number which might have been indicated at the bottom of the old car oil filter. Of course, you can go online and search for a directory of information based on your car.


Before using a new car oil filter, you have to inspect it if you indeed bought the right one. The quantity of pleats in a filter actually signifies how much contaminants it could collect. Also, you need to consider that the filter must have an end cap made of metal. Cardboard caps obviously lose the filter’s quality fast.

The barrier to avoid drain-back must also be made of silicone or rubber. And, it must also be tight-fitting. This makes sure that particles would not contaminate the oil. Some products unfortunately don’t have this feature. When it comes to the bypass valve, always go for metal rather than plastic for durability. Keep in mind as well that gaskets with proper seals are made of flexible rubber.


As you can see, most of the best car oil filters are kind of pricey. However, they are from the top brands in the market. Prioritize what is good for your car, not your wallet. Besides, being a smart buyer will definitely save you from more expensive damages in the future possibly triggered by subpar products. Finally, study your car first to know exactly what it needs.

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