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2018 Genesis G90 Review

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2018 Genesis G90

We all know that the Hyundai followed the Japanese automakers and came up with the Genesis. Well, that is a brilliant idea to sell the luxury cars with a different brand name. As the people already recognize you as the urban car maker. Hats-off to Hyundai!

In a lot of Genesis, the Hyundai introduced the youngest one, the exodus and the elder one. And these are the only ones available till now. Well, the exodus actually came out of the elder one. So we may even call her the offspring of the elder genesis.

And today, we got the elder Genesis to explore. She is the Genesis G90, the mother of all Genesis to date. The first reveal was made in 2015. While the US display followed in the next year. While after some more display in various other auto shows the mother Genesis was launched. That was the winter of 2016 when the first G90 came into the market.

Well, the brain behind the G90 was to replace the Hyundai’s long-running Equus and to put in something under the banner of Genesis. By 2015, Hyundai had certainly removed all of its luxury cars badged under the Hyundai banner. And it replaced all of them with the Genesis.

This mother Genesis is presently available in the US and Middle Eastern markets. The US G90 is available for as low as $68,350. And the model range includes the Premium and the Ultimate in two different trim levels each. While the finest version is available for as low as $74,350. The amenities are fine, but they would not necessarily affect your budget.

Now let’s move ahead and explore the mother of all Genesis.

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3.3 – 5.0 L8 – speed automatic311 – 419 hp293 – 383 lb – ft
0 – 62 MPHTop SpeedBody StyleMPG
5.3s148 mphSedan16 city/ 24 highway


Hood of 2018 Genesis G90

The Genesis G90 comes with a variation of drivetrains. There are 3 different engines are available for this car. And it has 6 configuration levels available.

The base model comes with the 3.3 L twin-turbocharged V6 engine. It gets 365 hp of power with 379 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 rpm. Next to it lies the 5.0 L naturally aspirated V8 engine with 420 horses with 383 lb-ft of torque. Well, in many ways this is one of the finest V8 technology available. While in some competitions it is just another lethargic fella.

This V8 engine has also been used in the Genesis G80 Sport. At least the mother Genesis has supported her offspring in some way. And this is the performance version of the G90 series. She ran from 0-62 mph in 5.3 seconds. And the track best for this car is 148 mph.

The international market even gets these same models. Along with that the 3.8 L naturally aspirated V6 engine is also offered in rest of the world. This is a 311 hp mule with 293 lb-ft of torque. Well, this is just a V6 engine rated with some power. While it is one more liability in the V6 class.

The rear-wheel powertrains come mated with the 8-speed SHIFTRONIC automatic transmission. While the all-wheel versions get the additional HTRAC string attached.

Away from the performance, the handling specs of Genesis G90 are fine enough. The steering ability of this car is good for the urban and extra-urban drives. Further, the braking skills are even satisfactory. In our tests, the Genesis G90 stopped from 70-0 mph within 179 ft. And the one we used was the V8 G90. The V6 has a slightly better result.


2018 Genesis G90 Exterior

The Geneses G90 has an elegant exterior styling. But she mainly seems to be old school. Well, the cosmetics are same as the rest of the Genesis. Even the design is quite similar. But the G90 is a bit longer than the rest of the fleet. She is 205-inches long while the G80 is 196-inches long. Besides, the G90 has the LED headlamps, LED fog lights, Genesis signature grille, and 19-inch alloy wheels. Further, the aerodynamic application is fine enough to make this car stay straight on the road.

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Interior of 2018 Genesis G90

The interior appointment is quite rich in this car. The Nappa leather ergonomic seats, suede headliner, and the leather-wrapped and wood trim are the standard ingredients. The seating capacity is subtle for 4 people including the driver. Further, the cargo spacing is quite fine to carry the luggage for a long journey.

Well, the G90 has the finest interior trimming in the whole Genesis class. That is why she is the mother of the whole Genesis series.

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Features of 2018 Genesis G90

The Genesis G90 comes with the 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system. It is a navigation base system with multimedia features. Other standard features include radio, Bluetooth, telephony and smartphone connectivity. Further, the Genesis G90 features head-up display, wireless charging, and automatic climate control.

The entertainment column is filled with the 17-speaker Lexicon sound system with Quantum Logic amplifier. Further, the 10.3-inch screen is available for the rear seats. These are just the high definition entertainment screen for the video player.


2018 Genesis G90 Safety

The safety chapter of the Genesis G90 is clean. It has sufficient passive safety equipment installed. Like the airbags count is fine and the seat belts response is sharp. In addition to that, the G90 is built up of AHSS (Advanced High Strength Steel) and has a rigid body style. Further, it gets plenty of active safety features. Such as it has the automatic emergency braking system, pedestrian detection, and multi-view camera. The drive aids include the lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and blind spot detection.

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Cadillac XTS

The Cadillac XTS stands in the competition of the Genesis G90. The evenly powered XTS is a powerful competitor of the G90. She has shape, performance and remarkable interior. The G90 has to work out some good stuff to cross the XTS.

The Genesis G90 is surely the favorite of Hyundai lovers. For the standard market, it needs to be revamped so that it comes the apple for every eye.



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