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2018 Honda Brio Review

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2018 Honda Brio

The Honda has worked a lot on the small urban cars. Since the introduction of the Kei car, this company has been bringing in variants that define the economic and social cars. Well, in the present age, we meet numerous small and fuel-saving cars from Honda. Like you cannot forget the Fit that fits in every situation.

Well, the Honda has worked hard to get a strong space in the Asian and South African markets. Certainly, these markets are relying much on the fuel-saving cars and the preference is all about the lower maintenance cost.

In the midst of the South Asian, Far East Asian and the South African markets you find the Honda Brio. The Brio was launched in 2011 with most of its production units in the Asian regions. Before the commercial launch, the Brio was displayed at the Thailand International Motor Show 2010. And the design was mainly based on the Honda New Small Concept Car. Actually, Honda was targeting to hit the developing markets. And there they needed something to fit the US hatchback versions. Consequently, the Brio came into existence.

The Brio received her latest updates in 2016. Since then she is going on with the same style. Well, the present day Brio is generally available in four different models. The Brio E is the base version and it is available for $7,283. The Brio S gains some more features and sits atop the E model. The VX was once the finest trim level of the Brio series. But now the VX AT is on the top of the VX. The configuration is pretty much simple and it is mainly designed for the city rides.

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1.2 L5 – speed manual

5 – speed automatic


87 hp80 lb – ft
0 – 62 MPHTop SpeedBody StyleMPG
15.4s98 mphHatchback32 city/ 36 highway


Hood of 2018 Honda Brio

The emerging markets and the developing regions prefer economic cars. They do not really go for the emission or the high cost of environmental protection. But they prefer using anything that would cut down their budget.

Well, we do not have any issue with the emission standards of the Honda Brio. But she is among the fuel-saving fellas today. The Honda Brio comes with the 1.2 L 4-cylinder engine. And its power rating is 87 hp with 80 lb-ft of torque at 6000 rpm. Further, it comes mated with the 5-speed manual transmission. While the 5-speed automatic and CVT are optionally available.

This is the only drivetrain available for the Honda Brio. There used to a 1.3 L 4-cylinder engine for the Asian markets. But recently it has been discontinued.

You do not really expect performance from such hatchbacks. And they cannot even give you something like a thunderstorm or the Mach-3. But still, we tried to get a spark out of the Brio. Well, she launched well and gave a lap of 0-62 mph in 15.4 seconds. Certainly, that is her best. And on the track, she delivered 98 mph as her top speed.

Further, we placed brio into the economy tests. And ran her in the city of Cape Town and its contiguous highways. While the Brio was able to deliver 34 mpg as her combined fuel mileage.

Besides the performance, the handling skills of the Honda Brio are just fine. The steering is good enough for a decent urban drive. And the handling on the highway is even controllable.

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2018 Honda Brio Exterior

The cosmetic design of this car is quite basic. The steel wheels, smiling chrome-finished grille, halogen headlamps and a rear tailgate spoiler are some standard features of this car. Further, the upscale version even gets the fog lights. Along with that they even get the 15-inch alloy wheels.

Away from that, there are mudguards, colored side mirrors and door sash tapes are also found in this car.

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Interior of 2018 Honda Brio

The interior selection for the Honda Brio is quite simple. It comes with the cloth seats and black fiber trim. The seat options include four different designs and all of them are the clothed. Besides, the spacing is good for 2 adults and 2 children. You cannot actually add all 4 adults in this car. The front passengers would not complain about the spacing. But the rear ones might hit each other. Further, the Brio has a few logs for the cargo. You can put in the sports stuff and carry the groceries. The convenience options are cool in this car. Like it has the door pockets, cup holders, and the glove box.

Certainly, the Brio has been designed for the everyday use. Its application is subtle for making it a family car.

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Features of 2018 Honda Brio

The Brio does not feature any touchscreen infotainment system. It simply gets a music player with the radio system. Further, it has a manual climate control system and center locking is standard for this car. Besides, there are some fine speakers included in the car. That is all you can get from Brio.

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2018 Honda Brio Safety

The Honda Brio includes sufficient safety ingredients for the occupants. It comes with the safety cage, frontal airbags, and pretension seatbelts. Along with that, the Brio features anti-lock braking system and the electronic brake force distribution. Further, the rest of the safety is depended on the driver.

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Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift is another option that you would find when you are in search of a hatchback. Well, the Swift is a better option in terms of performance, styling and interior setting. But its fuel mileage is a bit disappointing.

The Honda Brio is truly an economical car. But fun is a lot far from the books of this car. Well, nevertheless Brio can save you too much money.



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