2017 Kia K900 Review

Overview: Some cars are just a liability. They are full of boredom and insecure luxury and behave somehow like they are slapped by “Luxury”. Further, they are termed luxury, but in fact, they are not luxury at all. They are just an earful of lux and comfort. Well, this is what …

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2017 Kia Soul EV Review

Overview: The Kia Soul was already earning nicely for the Kia. But still, Kia wanted to develop something for North America. Actually, in that time the electronic vehicle’s market was shaping up in North America. And was getting a good response from the consumers. It was a golden chance for …

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2017 Kia Rio Review

Overview: It has been a long trail into the past when the hatchbacks and compact sedans became common. The present day market leaders of the small cars are merely by chance the market leaders. The economic slump and the ongoing famine in some parts of the world make them take …

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2017 Kia Forte Review

Overview: Family sedans and hatchbacks are increasing day by day. The main reason lies in the inflating economy around the globe. Consequently, folks have started to peep into the fuel saving vehicles. As they are the best way to cut off your traveling expenses. The economy friendly Pandora box has …

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2017 Kia Soul Review

Overview: Family tagged cars are much more like an option for your endless means. Every next automobile company is busy in producing a family car. The chapter expands wide throughout the whole world. Kia, a South Korean automobile company, is not even behind in this chapter. During the Paris Motor …

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2017 Kia Cadenza Review

Overview: The year 2017 has been a Launchpad for a number of automobile manufacturers. A range of successful cars has been relaunched in this year. The Kia Cadenza has also entered into its second generation. The first generation of the car was introduced in 2010. The car was introduced as …

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2017 Kia Sedona Review

Overview: The 2017 Kia Sedona, also known as Kia Carnival is a Minivan with sporty chassis. Sedona was manufactured as it’s sibling by Hyundai known as Entourage. The first generation of the franchise began in late 1998. While the present day generation is the third generation of Sedona. The first generation …

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