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2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe Review

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2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe

Sporting is not just limited to heavyweight sports cars. They even include the lightweight, ultra-powered performance machines. One of such kinds is the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe.

The 4C Coupe is yet another innovation of the Italian automobile industry. Well, Italians have been researching and developing the sports cars since long. A number of Italian automobile manufacturers are renowned around the globe. This Alfa Romeo is counted among those renowned companies.

The 4C was actually launched with two body styles. The 4C Concept Car was displayed at the Geneva Motor Show, in 2011. Later its representation was even made at Goodwood Festival of Speed and Frankfurt Motor Show. In the very next year, the market version of the Alfa Romeo 4C was displayed. Finally, in 2013, the commercial production of 4C started.

The 4C has helped Alfa Romeo to regain its strength in the North American market. A large number of 4Cs have been produced by Alfa Romeo till the date. It is even the first ever mass-produced car of this company.

This car has earned a number of awards. It has been called as the Overall Best Car, Performance Car of the Year and the Most Exciting Car to Be Launched.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe bears an economical price tag in its class. Its starting price is $55,900, which is certainly an average price in the Lightweight Sports cars Class.

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1.75 L6 – speed automatic237 hp258 lb – ft
0 – 62 MPHTop SpeedBody StyleMPG
4.2s160 mphCoupe24 city/ 34 highway


Hood of 2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe

Alfa Romeo has powered the 4C Coupe with the 1.75 L turbocharged inline-4 engine. This engine is designed using aluminum. The aluminum allows the drivetrain to bear less weight. Well, the drivetrain is mated with a 6 – speed dual clutch automatic transmission. The compression ratio is though enhanced with this system but will miss the long shot manual transmission. During the test, we experienced that the dual clutch responses slower.

Commonly the turbocharged engines are not found having an agile performance capability. This 1.75 L engine is rated at 237 hp with 258 lb-ft of torque. Well, with a regular throttle, the 4C Coupe makes the 0 – 62 mph run in 4.5 seconds. But through a series of road tests, we analyzed that 4C Coupe can make this run in 4 to 4.3 seconds. Actually, the engine capabilities do matter but how that engine is ridden matters more.

The Alfa Romeo states that the top speed of 4C is 160 mph. However, the average top speed we derived from our tests is 158 mph. Well the lap best of 4C at Nurburgring, Germany is 8 minutes and 4 seconds.

The Alfa DNA is even available in the 4C Coupe. On top of that, an additional Race mode has been included in the car. Further, the handling of the car is satisfactory. It stops within 150 feet from 70 – 0 mph. The steering of the car is responsive. It allows the driver to take quick turns. But that is all limited to the extent of tracks or smooth roads.

Once you get down on a cracked surface or the countrysides, the handling would still be there, but the shocks won’t stay much responsive. Indeed you will feel every bounce of the road.


2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe Exterior

The Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe is an exotic car. It has sexy looks and eye-catching design. Well, 4C Coupe is even the lightest car produced by Alfa Romeo. It just weighs 2,315 lbs. This is mainly because of the extensive use of carbon fiber in the design. The outer surface of the exterior is composed of Sheet Molding Compound. The SMC is almost 20% lighter than the yield steel compounds.

The weight distribution is of 40/60 (front/back). The front of the car contains double wishbone suspensions. While the rear has MacPherson struts. 4C Coupe has the Pirelli P Zero 205/45 and 235/40 as the standard tires. The front has 17-inch aluminum alloy silver painted wheels while the back has 18-inch wheels. Particularly, the design encourages the race driving. Well, the optional 18-inch front and 19-inch wheels are even available.

The body structure employs the application of aerodynamics. A lightweight performance car requires a steady downforce to keep it stabilized at high speed. The bonnet design moves the air away from the car to reduce the air friction. An up-west spoiler at the rear helps in maintaining the downforce on the car.

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Interior of 2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe

It has a decent interior. But it does not stay comfortable on rough tracks. There it becomes more like a coaster having poor or no shock-absorbers.

Well, the interior has cloth bucket tight seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel, leather door panels and no space for the luggage. Indeed it’s pretty uncomfortable to take this car for a long freeway run. In addition to that, the steering wheels even become unsupportive on such terrains.


Features of 2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe

There aren’t too many features available in the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe. All that is available is a cruise control, 7-inch driver’s cluster TFT display, Alpine Audio, Keyless entry and engine immobilizer. Further, there aren’t even any feature options available for the car.


2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe Safety

We have not heard about any safety concern in Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe. Well, there are 5 airbags available in the car. And on top of that, there is no driving assistance feature available. There are certain monitors and flashers available which warn the driver of poor driving conditions or slippery roads. Rest is all on the driver. Indeed a careful drive can make it possible to stay safe.


Audi TT

The Audi’s are generally driver and passenger friendly cars. The interior designing is cool along with the seating which is comfortable. Same is the case with the Audi TT. She’s fine, beautiful and has a comfortable interior. On the other hand, the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe has nothing such in its interior. Besides steady performance, attractive looks, there is nothing else in this car to please the driver and the passenger. Ultimately, the Audi TT leads this competition.

Though 4C Coupe has a pretty good performance it has very less to offer in the interior. Well it depends, you prefer the performance alone or the comfort along with that.




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