2019 Suzuki Wagon R Review

Overview: The Kei cars and the boxes have a lot of resemblances. Japanese have intelligently used this Kei car concept. They started making small cars as per the directives of the government. But they converted them into boxes, giving them a look of a wagon. Well, one such experiment was …

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2019 Baojun 510 Review

Overview: The Sports-Utility-Vehicles were once a fine resource for the off-road driving. But with time they started gaining their fame for the on-road driving. While time to time they shrunk in size and weight. And today the SUVs are a badge of passion and style. Every other guy owning an …

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2019 Infiniti QX50 Review

Overview: The Infiniti EX once used to be a luxury crossover SUV that qualified under the 10 Best Luxury SUVs. It was a fine car, with a tidy performance caliber and a decent interior. But the EX title only remained in business for 5 years. In 2013, the company changed …

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2019 Jaguar F-Pace SVR Review

Overview: Jaguar has only inducted the SVR tag to a couple of vehicles, making them the performance variant for their respective series. Well, the first one, F-Type (SVR) is notably famous among all the performance machines. While during the same days, Jaguar started playing with the F-Pace, a compact crossover …

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2019 Kia Pro Cee’d Review

Overview: Soon as the year 2018 started, Kia introduced the third generation for Cee’d. But soon after the Geneva Motor Show, the Pro Cee’d along with a station wagon variant were introduced. Well, this Pro Cee’d date as old as the second generation of Cee’d. Initially, this was a 3-door …

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2019 WEY VV7 Review

Overview: The Chinese automakers have been commonly renowned for copying other cars to make their model. But not every one of them was indulged in counterfeit designs. Well, the FAW and the Great Wall Motors have earned notable fame in the automobile industry. And they not just covered the local …

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2019 Panoz GTR-1 Review

Overview: The racing world is entirely different from the urban or the extra-urban culture where we normally drive cars. They have a different science, an ice-cold engineering, different styling, and even different fueling concepts. Since long we have been seeing a lot of sports cars. And even we see a …

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2019 Lada Priora Review

Overview: The continuous improvement in the auto world brought various facilities to the daily driving. Tremendous features are available to draw across heavy traffic and remain safe during the rush driving. While this all increased the family driving experience which leads to the new generation. Well, almost every other family …

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2019 Fiat Panda Review

Overview: How many times you would have to visit a zoo to see a panda? And when your kids are insisting that they want to see a live panda rolling while you are stuck in the office, what would you do? Well, for that Fiat has a perfect solution for …

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2019 Nissan GT-R50 Review

Overview: What type of gift would you present yourself on your own birthday on your own self? And what would expect from your subordinates or your grandchildren to bring you on your birthday. Especially if it is your 50th birthday? Well, what the automakers do to commemorate their company’s anniversary …

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2019 Hyundai Grandeur Review

Overview: The market representation is one of the important factors of success for every brand. While rebranding is indeed yet another colossal structure that immensely important for success. Well, the automobile industry even has to depend a lot on the branding and rebranding concepts. And there are numerous prominent examples …

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2019 Buick Regal Review

Overview: The old Buick always looked into building the vehicle class for today. But some constraints forced the company to fall back to the rebadged entities. Well, the one we have here is the Regal that is among the oldest cars from Buick that is still active. It is not …

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