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2018 Fiat 500L Review

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2018 Fiat 500L

The Fiat 500 has a variety of options available within. Its fame is limited to a group of consumers that prefer the cheap and low-cost vehicles. But with all due respect, it is paving its way in the market.

Well, from the 500, we have the 500L. It is the MPV available in the Fiat 500 series. And it is one of the highest selling cars of this series. As per the record, till the date, Fiat has sold 500,000 500L’s. And in a way, that is a pretty cool record.

This 500L was introduced back in 2012. It was launched as a replacement for the Chrysler’s PT Cruiser, which was a pretty odd looking MPV. But it was pretty notable in the market. Further, the other cars it succeeded include the Fiat Idea, Lancia Musa , and the Fiat Multipla. Certainly, the Fiat 500L is just one car in for so many other cars.

The Fiat tells a whole new story about the 500L. They say that the design has been inspired by the French Villa Savoye, a masterpiece of the Swiss architects. Even the design of this car really shows some distinct structure. The 500L is based on the Fiat Small Platform, which was utilized in various other Fiat cars. But for this car, the platform was stretched to make it longer and wider.

The design was initially released in 2010 which showed two vehicle types. The first was the 5-passenger MPV while the later was the 7-passenger MPV. But only the 5-seater model qualified for the production.

Ahead of that, the 500L is available in three different models. The base version is notable as POP priced as low as $20,995, the Trekking from $23,325 and the lounge takes at $23,895.


0.9 – 1.6 L5 and 6 – speed manual

5 and 6 – speed automatic

79 – 120 hp94 – 236 lb – ft
0 – 62 MPHTop SpeedBody StyleMPG
8.0s126 mphMPV22 city/ 30 highway


Hood of 2018 Fiat 500L

There are plenty of drivetrain options available for the Fiat 500L. And even three fueling options are piped up. Well, after a long time we met a two-cylinder engine. It felt like the ghosts have been summoned to the modern world of auto manufacturing. This was when we drove the 2-cylinder 0.9 L Fiat 500L. A tiny little engine with 79 horses and 103 lb-ft of torque. And all of this mated on a 6-speed manual transmission. Indeed that was much like a sloth but was really spectacular. Further, there is a turbocharged 0.9 L 2-cylinder engine available as well with 104 horses making 107 lb-ft of torque.

The 1.4 L 4-cylinder gasoline standard Fire engine has 94 horses to make a run.  While its turbocharged edition gets 120 horses pounding at 152 lb-ft of torque and the LPG option as well. Well, the turbo model even gets the option for 6-speed automatic transmission along with the manual.

The North American Fiat 500L comes with the 1.4 L turbocharged 4-cylinder MultiAir engine with only 6-speed automatic transmission. Though it is a 160 hp powertrain, this yet another sloth in the fleet.

The diesel models are available with two engine options. The 1.3 L MultiJet II is the opener with 84 horses pounding 148 lb-ft of torque. And this configuration gets mated with the 5-speed manual as standard and 5-speed automatic as optional. The 1.6 L MultiJet II with 104 horses is the mid-level diesel drivetrain. This powertrain pounds at 236 lb-ft of torque and emits 117 g/km of CO2. The upscale model gets 16 more horses and it emits 120 g/km of the CO2.

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2018 Fiat 500L Exterior

The Fiat 500L just recently received some refreshment for the exterior. It is only the styling that has been just facelifted, while rest is all the same. Well, the 500L is the longest, widest and the tallest in the whole series. And as per the engineers, the power mechanism occupies less space than the rest of the structure. Well, the exterior designing is similar to the rest of the cars is Fiat 500 series.

The projectors lamps, 16 and 17-inch alloy wheels, graphite and chrome accents are some major ingredients of the exterior.

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Interior of 2018 Fiat 500L

The interior appointment is no different than the rest of the cars in 500 series. But the only difference is the space. The 500L offers plenty of space to sit. Both the rows are spacious and comfortable, with a capacity of 5 people including the driver. Further, the outside even looks adorable within the 500L because of its bigger windows and a wider windshield. But when it comes to the interior ingredients, then that is just fine. The basic ingredients include the leather seats and fiber trim and accent.

Ahead of that, the cargo spacing is sufficient in this car. There are around 22.4 cubic feet of space for the cargo, with the rear seats up.

Well, the 2018 updates include the cup-holders and the gloveboxes. Certainly, the convenience spots in this car have been enhanced.

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Features of 2018 Fiat 500L

The 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system is among the latest updates the Fiat 500L has received. It is the Uconnect system with the Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto. Further, the system includes voice commands, telephony and Bluetooth music streaming. The SiriusXM satellite radio is also available. And the navigation stays optional.

Ahead of that, the Beats premium sound system is available for the Trekking and Lounge models. This system comes with 6-speakers and a 368-watt amplifier.

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2018 Fiat 500L Safety

Too many airbags and a steel frame cage are the standard passive safety equipment. Further, the active safety gets the anti-lock braking system and the electronic stability control. Well, the driving dynamic features include the parking package with the rear-view camera. And that is all you could find in the Fiat 500L.

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Buick Regal TourX

The Buick Regal TourX could be a good option if you are concerned about the performance. It is stronger, sharper and faster than the 500L. Even the designing and the structure is quite enchanting.

Well, the Fiat 500L could have been a very good MPV if it had some guts in her performance. But her slow and sluggish turbo response and lethargic gearing tears every hope apart.



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