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2017 Kia Sorento Review

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2017 Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento is a worldwide vehicle available in medium size SUV body style with the crossover frame. In 2001 Kia replaced its amazing Borrego (Mohave) with Sorento. Mohave is still active in some parts of the world. In 2002 the production of Sorento was started for the model year 2003.

Initially, Sorento was available in the Mid – Sized SUV style. By 2010, Sorento was converted to a mid – sized Crossover SUV, which is presently available.

Present day Sorento is available in 7 different models. The model line consists of L, LX, LX V6, EX, EX V6, SX V6 and SXL V6.

Kia is the 2nd biggest Automobile Company of South Korean after its sibling company Hyundai. The previous generations of Sorento earned some amazing awards. Like “SUV of The Year Award” by a car magazine of New Zealand.

Similarly, the last generation of Sorento earned the highest safety awards from the road safety departments of the world.

Kia has a track record of producing commercial as well as military automobiles. Under the banner of commercial vehicles, Kia has created a number of domestic as well as off-road rides.  And Sorento is from the notch of excellently built vehicles of Kia.

Sorento is in the range of economical prices. Nevertheless, the components and equipment used with the manpower or other industry expenditures, all are efficient. The base price of Sorento is $25,600.

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2.0 – 3.3 L5 – 6-speed manual

5 – 6 speed automatic

185 – 290 hp178 – 260 lb – ft
0 – 62 MPHTop SpeedBody StyleMPG
7.2s125 mphSUV17 city/ 23 highway


Hood of 2017 Kia Sorento

Kia has provided a sporty suspension to Sorento. The car features three powertrains. The base 2.4 L inline – 4 cylinder engine, then the 2.0 L turbocharged 4 and finally the 3.3 L V6 giant. The V6 engine is certainly an innovative performance version of Sorento.

Traction control and road grip of Sorento responds well with the help of its sporty suspension.  The 2.4 L engine offers the highest EPA mileage. With just the front – wheel – drive configuration we were able to get 24 mpg combined. And with all – wheel synced 19 mpg. Such an average is very helpful for the off-road driving.

The 3.3 L V6 engine has 290 horses galloping @ 252 lb – ft of torque. The decent 2.0 L turbocharged inline – 4 engine is 50 horses lesser than the V6 but has 8 lb – ft of more torque. The basic 2.4 offers 185 hp at 178 lb – ft of torque. Conventionally the 2.4 L engine is the fuel saving machine. But the application of Direct Injection and amplified automated transmission even allows the higher trims to be economical.

For the North American market, the 6-speed automatic transmission is a standard with the front – wheel drive. While the Dynamax all – wheels – drive is optional for every model of Sorento except Kia Sorento L. But when we move out of North America we even meet the 5 – 6-speed manual and 5 – speed automatic transmission. We expect more thrust and power from the manual transmission, but the automatic for the Sorento is even well versed.

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2017 Kia Sorento Exterior

Kia Sorento is a stiffer car for the home use. Its structure comprises of complete sheet-metal of steel. Its appearance is more attractive than the badges and trademark logo of Kia Sorento used on the body. Also, the bumpers are very prominent part of the body styling. Side Mirrors on the Kia Sorento have a variety of range. Some of the commonly used mirrors in this car are Towing Mirror, Chevy Style Manual Side View Mirror, Non-Heated mirrors and Non-Foldaway mirrors.

Plain Side View Mirror, Side View Mirror, Adjustable Clip-On Towing Mirror and all these mirrors also have the variety of extensions. Different types of lights are attached in this car which operates fantastically. The Kia Sorento’s available xenon High-Intensity Discharge (HID) increases not only conspicuity but is evenly helpful in the highlighting of external body size with style.


Interior of 2017 Kia Sorento

It is not a small car shaped like a sedan. Its dimensions are 4780 x 1890 x 1685 mm up to 7 seats, with 5 seats equivalent to 605 dm3. It has three rows with the seating arrangement of 2-3-2. Seven passengers can easily accommodate on leather stuff seats with height adjustable safety belts. It is slightly above the ground level. Passengers can easily examine the outside view. ‘Extended Rear View Mirror’ is very helpful to monitor external objects. Its dashboard with steering is also a little big which also increases a variety of internal features just like its infotainment system is UVO based.


Features of 2017 Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento features the UVO infotainment system. It is Apple and Android-based device with Wi-Fi connectivity. It is placed in the center of the dashboard and steering wheel. The system supports song player and navigation.


2017 Kia Sorento Safety

Today the driving world is aspired by the protection systems used in military vehicles. Kia is chosen by its military vehicle expertise and Sorento is ideal for use in safety related devices. In the column of the passive safety, Sorento has two types of side airbags and dual-stage airbags. They are also controlled by an ON / OFF switch.

The active safety includes low air pressure indicator of tires. Traction Control System (TCS) is yet another safety equipment available in Sorento. It has proved to be useful for smooth driving. And the stiff structure of Kia Sorento is also a safety package to minimize the damage incurring during the collision.

Besides the car safety features include Acoustic backup alarm, Heads up instrumentation, Heads up infrared and much more.


2015 Ford Edge

Ford Edge, yet another luxurious car from Ford, is the immense competitor of the Kia Sorento. Competition between Ford Edge and Kia Sorento is mainly on the basis of their seating capacity and arrangement. But when it comes to Edge, she is more comfortable than Sorento.

While at the end, we would certainly recommend it fruitful for the families opting to tour the countryside within an economical car. In conclusion, Sorento is able to save you some good money over the fuel.




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