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2016 Pagani Huayra Review

By Matt Zimmerman


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2016 Pagani Huayra

The 2016 Pagani Huayra is definitely not less than a street skirmishing monster. It is manufactured by an Italian company named Pagani Automobili pronounced as Waira in Italian language. This car has replaced a mini monster Zonda in 2012. Huayra is the name of an Italian  Mythical god Huayra – Tata which is cosidered as a wind god of Quenchua.

It has been labelled so because of its massively high speed and tactically locked engine. Its engine can take a burst up to 230 mph which means 370 Km/h. In 2015 Mercedes AMG created an agreement with Pagani for 100 leashed units of Huayra, with an installed version of 5980 cc (approx. 6000 cc) Mercedes – AMG bi – Turbo M158 V – 12.

Huayra was titled as the Hypercar of the year 2012 by the world’s renowned automobile reviewers and testers, Top Gear. The car ranks second over the Top Gear Test Tracks, setting a record time of 1 minutes and 13 seconds in 8 nanosecond parts.

Supercar, Monster of Streets and Streets Skirmish are a few names given to this extraordinary car during the initial days of its launch. However, the pace went low in the competition with time. This car is referred to as the second best supercar in the world mainly because of its minimum fraction.

The cost is certainly pretty much equitable if compared with other AMG machines and the McLaren systems. It just costs around $1.3 million. While a slightly heavy machine assembly with the similar assembly package is priced around $1.5 million.

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The car carries two more versions, furnished directly to the consumers from production centres. They include the more extreme version, Pagani Huayra BC, launched this year after the revision of Pagani Huayra, in Geneva Motor Show.                                                    


5980 cc, bi – Turbo M158 V – 127 – speed sequential730 m.HP, 720 b.HP811 lb – ft (1,100 N-m)
0 – 62 MPHTop SpeedBody StyleMPG
2.8s230 mph (370 Km/h)2 – door coupe

2 – door Roadster

10 city / 14 Highway


Hood of Pagani Huayra

The super machine has much of course designed in terms of the power and stability. Being in the category of the S – dimensions of the car, a lot much has to be taken care of. The skirmishing racing events, motor shows, and the luxurious mansions are the destiny of such cars. To remain in the competition mechanical and electronic technology needs to be researched and developed time to time.                                                     

The 6000 cc (5980 cm3) powerful engine bursts a number of fumes and health hazard smokes but the manufacturer has taken care of these issues. The combustion ratio of the car puts the fuel into dynamic consumption way leaving less fumes out along with the titanium exhaust system. This reduces the chemical ratio to almost none. This exhaust reduces the back pressure of the car and release a smooth flow out. The exhaust pipe contains Inconel which helps in reducing the high exhaust temperature.

It comes with a heat exchanger over water / oil which reduces the engine temperature. This is done to make sure the engine does not catch fire due to fast soeed.

The street level of the 2016 Pagani Huayra is not yet available. Definitely, a machine flying with a speed more than 200 Mph would hardly find a street to run on. According to a Press Release: “With its power, the God of the wind Huayra Tata may raise the waters of Lake Titicaca and turn them into rain that pours on the fertile Pachamama”


Pagani Huayra’s Exterior

aerodynamics as it has to tackle with massive speed and acceleration. The exterior of the car contain speed sensors.

At certain high-speed drive, the car changes the height from the front to provide more ground clearance and road grip to the driver. Apart from the general aerodynamic shape, the front and rear portion of the car contain automated flaps.

To balance the air friction and to direct the air away so that it may not do any friction job with the car and create an atmospheric vacuum to move the car through.

The ABS (Anti – lock braking) and ECU (Engine Control Unit) control the flaps. They control the movement of the car depending upon the air speed, acceleration, speed, velocity, the torque generated, steering of the car and the brake positioning. This even helps the car to change its height, generally it moves down to provide more speed.

While the rear central flaps work as the air braking system, providing much of the assistance in braking when working with fast speed and massive acceleration, as it works with almost 1,200 Kg of weight of the car.

Apart from the engines power, the beauty of the car is that it creates a 25% more acceleration, 15% of more braking assistance and 7% of more speed with the help of the flaps and aerodynamic shape. These and various other features make this car one of the most selling cars which is itself a proof that this car got something very few cars offer.

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Interior of Pagani Huayra

Angelo Dani, one of the best leather artists from Northern Italy, has created the leather material of the car. The material could be different in texture, art, style, color and ambiance, as the production line varies according to the choice of the customers.

The audio and sound system of the car needed special care because of the use of titanium and carbon fiber in the car. Sonus Faber takes the credit in creating an impressive sound system for the supercar which has not exceeded decibels and not even a single vibratory fluency.

The driving seat feels like the exploding chair of the space probing rocket. The drive of the car is quite fast when observed from the outside but from the inside; the rocket speeding Huayra reduces all the vision of speed.


Pagani Huayra 2016 Features
Features of Pagani Huayra

Improvisation and innovation are the major elements for the supercars to lead the race. This car is nothing less than a flying machine which makes it relatively difficult to drive compared to other cars. This extraordinary car has a specialized computing device that provides information about the car.

It also evaluates the performance and functioning of various parts, balances exterior and interior automatically and keeps the car shaped up to run as fast as possible.

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Pagani Huayra’s Safety

Being a supercar, Pagani Huayra’s safety has to be taken care of deeply. The rivalry companies have been running some feds to keep Huayra out from reaching the North American markets. This car has also become a part of the North American Computer and Mobile Phone Games such as the Asphalt 8: Airborne and the Electronic Arts’ Need for Speed Most Wanted .

The aerodynamic of the car run over some mighty air around the cornering sides of the car. Carbon fiber and titanium is used to avoid any safety risk.



The racing class – S has few of the competitors among them. Huayra carries McLaren as the closest rival. At the Top Gear Racing Track McLaren went up the lap time of Hauyra. Ariel Atom V8 had been a rival of Huayra since 2011 until the last year.

Well, the competition is pretty tough between both the cars as both the motor companies are working over the improvised quality of the car instead of generating quantity.

2016 Pagani Huayra has shown the most dynamic performances amongst the sports cars due to its speed, acceleration, stability and performance. If you are looking to put something in S – Class, then Huayra would be a good choice.




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