2019 Renault Zoe Review

Overview: How could Renault sit back and enjoy the show? When it has such an impressive R&D team, then why not research an electric car? Well, that thought echoed very loud and Renault went on to discover an all-electric city car. That led to the designing of the Zoe City …

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2018 Dacia Duster Review

Overview: Finding a satisfactory car becomes hectic at times when there are too many options available. But the fame, reviews, and glamour make it easier to choose the best one. Well, if you are looking for something unique, then you can even go for a three-wheeler. The Dacia Duster is …

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2018 Renault Fluence Review

Overview: The Renault’s rebadged editions are marketed throughout the world. They produce everything, the city cars, sports cars, and commercial vehicles. And all of it is renowned under different names. Well, their influence has been magnificent overall. And their every little or big thing gets a fame. Well, this is …

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2018 Dacia Lodgy Review

Overview: How would it sound to have a family MPV that appeared in the Andros Trophy? The kids would really be excited to know that their parents brought in a sports MPV. Well, this can happen to you when you would buy a Dacia Lodgy worth $12,750. It is a …

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2018 Nissan Micra Review

Overview: The automakers commonly address the general consumer rides. And every day there is an improvement found in these cars. Sometimes there is a new tech that helps in cutting down the fuel costs. While at times we come across some unique designing. Such good attention is also paid by …

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2018 Renault Clio Review

Overview: French won the soccer world cup once again! And that happened after 20 years. Certainly, a kind of hard luck went on for them for the last 19 years. But their automakers are lucky with their brands. Just like the Renault that has kept on so massively with the …

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2018 Dacia Sandero Review

Overview: The automobile production is generally the homogeneous combination of different brains. Some act as the performance producers while the others work for the design. Among those, there are some who appoint the interior. Well, there are some cars that are designed by two or more than two automobile producers. …

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2017 Clio Renault Sport Review

Overview: Every hatchback does not mean that it has no power and elegance. Instead, there are some thrilling and superb hatches available. Well, there are too many examples in the present day. But one of the renowned example from Renault is the Clio Renault Sport. It was 1998 when Clio …

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