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2016 Tesla Model X Review

By Matt Zimmerman


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The American electric motor company Tesla has revived the history of Nikola Tesla. It is the only company that has utilized the AC Motor concept which was introduced by Nikola Tesla in 1882. The 13 year old company has made it possible to run super cars over the electric energy. This Silicon Valley Company has extensive milestones. Among them Tesla Model X is worth knowing.In United States, Tesla has introduced the Electric Car Recharging Stations which is certainly a step ahead in cleaner world. Although the Green Fuel technology was a very first fundamental for cleaner world. But still it was the produce from Fossil Fuel. While Tesla is totally based on electric power. Yet to be precise, Tesla has no competition in the world. It has the sole monopoly.

Tesla Model X was proposed in 2012. While the production started in the following year. By 2014 it was expected that Tesla would market Model X. But the massive market of Tesla Model S rolled out the production of Model X to later times. By the end of 2015 Tesla Model X was first produced which had market plan for 2016.

In some parts of United States the market of Tesla Model X started in September 2015. But for the rest of the world the market remained for February 2016. From the initial date till now Tesla has sold around 16,000 Model X cars.

The MSRP of Tesla Model X is $72,600. It is as much as you go for a diesel or gasoline SUV, but for sure you can save $5,400 on fuel driving Model X.


1300 – 1500 ampsMotor Controlled532 hp713 lb – ft
0 – 62 MPHTop SpeedBody StyleMPG
2.9 seconds130 mphSUV89 city/ 90 highway


Hood of 2016 Tesla Model X

The performance of Tesla Model X can be judged through its power. It can tow up to 5000 lbs of weight. Certainly it is pretty high for an electric vehicle. The more fun is added through the all – wheel – drive feature. It gives more power to the acceleration and speed.

Tesla Model X has the highest range of 289 miles. While the subsequent models have lesser range. The least of it is 238 miles.

Tesla Model S and Model X has almost similar performance grading. While the drivetrain of both the cars is almost 30% same.

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2016 Tesla Model X Exterior

The shy cosmetic range gives a lusty look of Tesla Model X. It is precisely a beautiful SUV seen so far.

The falcon doors allow the back seat passengers to get in and out of the car. As per some domestic driving, it is a good introduce in SUV technology. In tightly packed parking lanes, the falcon doors makes it easy to get into the second and third row of the car.

The aerodynamics on the car are extensively fantastic. They provide an addition of 4 to 5 miles per hour addition into the total speed of the car. The aerodynamic shape of the car has 0.24 of drag coefficient. This reading lowers Tesla Model X 20% more than its actual height over high speed.

To balance the performance of the car on wide roads such as freeways, the automated spoiler starts working. Over high speed and excessive air friction the spoiler becomes active and balances the motion of the car.


Interior of 2016 Tesla Model X

Yet there is too much more to find in the electric car beside the batteries and electric features. The windshield of the car has panoramic induction. Even the size of the shield is big enough to roll over the sky into the car. The optimized solar tinting makes the driving easier in direct sun impact.

Either you call it a SUV or a towing cart, doesn’t matter. The rear seats can roll down to make space for more luggage in the car. This way you can make your Tesla Model X a towing cart. While the seats are comfortable. Especially for long journey, the passenger seats seem more relaxed to sit on. And they even have larger leg room.

It can fit up to 77 cubic feet of luggage within it. The space in present on every side of the car, whether it’s the rear, bottom of the seats or the front.


Features of 2016 Tesla Model X

A number of features that are introduced in Tesla car are fundamentally newer in the automobile industry. The Tesla Model X has the Pollution Free insulators. This allows the outside viruses, bacteria and germs to not to enter the car. This certainly makes this SUV pretty healthy to drive!

The 8.0 inch touch screen is a comprehensive manual for driving Tesla Model X. It has an extensive outlook with subtle features. Beside the music playing advantage, the infotainment system has many other feature. Especially it can host the Autopilot (semi – autonomous) integration. And can enable a LAN network, known as Connect Car feature.


2016 Tesla Model X Safety

As per an accident update that took place on a highway in Washington, it was ascertained that Tesla vehicles are too much safer. A Tesla car was hit by the cargo of a semi – trailer which set the car on fire. The driver was safe as he timely escaped the car. The further investigations compared that if there was a gasoline car, the driver won’t have got time to escape. As per the record, Tesla electric vehicles are 160% safer than gasoline vehicles. Because the battery panels generate 10 – 16% lesser ignition then the gasoline engine.

Besides the conventional driving Tesla Model X is equipped with the Autopilot (semi – autonomous) driving mode. The system is based on radar sensors. The sensors are installed in the front and rear bumper along with the side skirts. This provides a glance for autonomous driving which is helpful in avoiding accidents.

But beware, it is not a standalone driving system. It is a semi – driver control manual which requires the presence of drivers’ activiness while driving. Tesla does not qualify it as the whole independent driving program. It is just a driving assistant.

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2015 BMW i8
BMW i8

Yet as mentioned, you won’t get a precise competitor for Tesla Model X. While BMW i8 is a nearby competitor for Tesla Model X, which is based on performance. But the BMW i8 is a gasoline customer with an estimated range of 24 – 37 miles over the battery 7 ion lithium battery.

The future is hassle free. Tesla Model X is a step in future. A practical example that heavy vehicles can work on electricity. That’s why Toyota embarked that Tesla is 10 year ahead in automobile designing with lithium ion battery.




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