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2018 Infiniti QX60 Review

Overview: Nissan has been playing various tricks to market the Infiniti. Sometimes they remake their ads. While on the other hand they restyle the old cars and bring them up under a new title. But here with the Infiniti QX60, the scene is a bit different. It used to be the Infiniti

2018 Nissan Kicks Review

Overview: Once and for all, the Nissan went depressed with the performance of the Juke in the North American market. The Canadian market was still showing a better response. But the US market has nothing better to bring in. Well, at that moment, Nissan had just started to show off the Kicks.

2018 Nissan Juke Review

Overview: There have been some strange concepts that Nissan has introduced in the past. In 2009 Nissan introduced the Qazana Concept Car during the Geneva Motor Show. And during the show, Nissan revealed that they would be introducing a production version based on that concept. Well, soon after that, the vehicles was

2018 Lada 4×4 Review

Overview: There are numerous Russians in the history that is unforgettable. Like, the legendary inventor, Nikola Tesla. Just like such personalities, there have been some cars in the history that have been memorable since they are built. One of them is the Lada 4×4. It was 1971 when the USSR government gave

2018 Audi Q3 Review

Overview: Too many automakers mean too many cars. Some make the awesome and fresh cars. While some rely on the ruins of the previously mastered vehicles. The Audi Q3 is brought up from the smaller Q-series SUVs. But this is an entirely new car for the Audi SUV lineup. The first version

2018 Fiat 500L Review

Overview: The Fiat 500 has a variety of options available within. Its fame is limited to a group of consumers that prefer the cheap and low-cost vehicles. But with all due respect, it is paving its way in the market. Well, from the 500, we have the 500L. It is the MPV

2018 Opel Cascada Review

Overview: It is obvious that the masterpieces are rebadged. But sometimes the ordinary pieces are rebadged as well. It is much like there is no other option that is why the ordinary version is marketed through another brand as well. The Opel is one of the pioneers of the auto-making from Europe.

2018 Audi Q2 Review

Overview: There are very fine SUVs that you would witness all around. But each one of them has something different or better than the other. Well, in all these clashes we find some masterpieces that are finished with the description of art and high-end mechanism. Here we are talking about the Audi

2018 Honda S660 Review

Overview: The strange looking cars are normally found in the motor shows as the concept vehicles. But some of those freaks do come out in the production market. Well, usually they do not really leave an impressive impact on the drivers and spectators. But at times they turn out to be the

2018 Volkswagen Gol Review

Overview: The Volkswagen family version cars are notable for their lower running cost. Since last 4 decades, the VW has been working on bringing the best cost-cutting techniques to their customers. And without any doubt, the VW has built a pretty strong rep in the market. Well, among the notable VW family