2018 Hyundai Accent Review

Overview: It is really easy for the pure urban cars to get the attraction. But it is also pretty hard for them to be noticed by the audience. The urban audience does appreciate the speed, acceleration, and erotic design. While actually, they look for the economic cars. Well, in this …

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2018 Dodge Neon Review

Overview: The entry-level sedans are available in various different patterns. In some standards, they are just the sedans with the capacity to fit in four people. While on some other occasions, they are set to work as the entry-level sports variants. Well, all across the session the entry-level sedans are …

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2018 Dodge Journey GT Review

Overview: The Dodge off-road vehicles were notable because of their power and body strength. Though it has a pretty long history of sports cars. But it was never behind in the league of SUVs. Well, the times have changed. Even the best off-road cars from Dodge are not capable of …

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2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Review

Overview: The challengers could be powerful, strong and enthusiastic. Challenges are composed to be taken over by the challengers. But at times, the challengers wear the cloak of demons. They become demonic. While in some cases, there ought to be some challenging demons that are worldly. The Dodge Challenger was …

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2017 Dodge Durango Review

Overview: The automobile industry has captivated the off-road vehicles as the family runners. They are tamed so gently that the present day country riders even sip the fuel rather than drinking it. Even the hefty Dodge Durango has even learned how to save fuel. In 1998, Durango was introduced as …

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2017 Dodge Viper Review

Overview: Some cars are destined to live long. They live long and come up every time with an improvement. Those are certainly the evergreen cars. But there are some cars that live a hard life. They stay alive for a little time. Then they disappear. And after some time they …

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2017 Dodge Journey Review

Overview: Journeys are either horrible, boring or memorable. Actually, it depends on the folks with whom you are riding. Along with that, it depends on the vehicle that you are using for your journey. But what Dodge Journey can do, we will explore in this review. Well, Dodge began its …

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2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Review

Overview: The commercial setup requires a distinct category of infrastructure. And so does it requires the specialized vehicles to support the commerce. The automobile industry has contributed well to the development of commerce. Especially the 21st-century developments have led to the growth of some industries. Alongside commerce, some specialized commercial …

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2017 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Reviews

Overview: The SRTs, Hellcats and SRT Demons lay enough fire to create another hell. These are actually a hell of a muscle car. While the other variants of the GM borrow the SRT badge for their performance machines. Well, the SRT Hellcat is the finest car from the Dodge Challenger …

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2017 Dodge Challenger GT Review

Overview: The American Muscle cars are famous throughout the world. In fact, America is the only place where the muscle cars are built excellently. Well, Dodge has been notable for its muscle car production. And Challenger is one of the oldest and finest muscle car series from Dodge. Just a …

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