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Top 10 Cars 2016

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The year 2016 has been the year of automobile transformation. A number of car manufacturers who had left the junctions of redesigning and renovating the cars have just entered back. Among them the most renowned Jaguar, Acura, and Cadillac are at the front.

Well when the Top 10 cars are discussed, you can’t even forget Audi, BMW, and Mercedes in this race. Certainly as mentioned earlier, 2016 has been the year of renovation and technology. A number of improvisations have been made in terms of performance and driving comforts.

1. BMW 3 Series:

B-M-W has regenerated its rep by launching the BMW 3 Series. It has been liked by 97% of the world. What’s so enchanting in this car? A powerful drivetrain, beautiful outlook, stronger road grip and charismatic ambience of luxury are the characteristics of BMW 3 Series. It has a 3.0 L engine range with turbocharged gasoline modules and diesel wagons. Besides the mechanical powertrain, BMW 3 Series has a significant impression in the hybrid market with its seamless electronic performance as well.

BMW 3 Series

2. Jaguar F-Type (SVR):

Jaguars roar on the mountain, but the Jaguar’s F – Type (SVR) roars on the roads. It is one of the best cars every launched by Jaguar Land Rover since XJ 220. SVR is a researched model, consisting a number of performance features shared by its siblings. Certainly it is an improved version of XE launched under the hood of F – Type. The highly tagged 5.0 L V8 SVR has 550 horses to run. While those horses make it to reach 62 mph within 3.5 seconds. The estimated top speed of the car is 188 mph.

Jaguar F-Type (SVR)

3. Tesla Model S:

The 2016 Tesla Model S is a spectacular improvisation of the automobile industry. This revolutionary version of car technology is amid a stance of development. Tesla Model S can travel almost 315 miles over its batteries. This battery car has not just the economy to offer, but it even offers the performance. The P100D of Tesla Model S can reach 62 mph within just 2.5 seconds. Isn’t it a spectacular speed for an electric car? Since the revisions made, Tesla has revised the luxury of the car, making it more comfortable to drive.

Tesla Model S

4. Audi A8:

Our number 4 ranking is even an Audi. The Executive Class Audi A8 has the classic outlooks with luxurious interiors. It is among the luxurious vehicles of the world today. Besides the luxury, A8 offers a variety in performance with its 3.0 L V6 supercharged engine. Well for the performance, A8 can reach 62 mph within just 3.9 seconds. This 450 hp car gives an economical EPA of 18 in city and 29 on the highway.

Audi A8

5. Audi A7:

The Audi A7 is a class apart. It has all that luxury demands. Sexy trims, enchanting cosmetics, comfortable driving and passenger seats and highly upgraded over the infotainment features. Germans have certainly created a masterpiece in shape of Audi A7. A7 is tagged around $70,000. It has the 3.0 L V6 supercharged engine with the all – wheel – drive feature. It is certainly a luxury performing in speed.

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Audi A7

6. Dodge Charger:

The 2016 Dodge Charger is becoming taking its ranks higher and higher. The Charger series is not just acknowledged over the road but it even has it place in the Android and PC Games. The Charger offers a lot of speed and acceleration with its V6 and V8 engines. It has 9 different models, separated on the basis of performance. The least of it having 292 horses to run with a 3.6 L engine. The charm of Charger has taken it to the American Police Department. A number of states in the U.S have Dodge Charger SRT and SE in their fleet.

Dodge Charger

7. Chrysler 300:

The 2016 Chrysler 300 is fundamentally sports trim car. It has the powertrain of V6 and V8 engines. Chrysler 300 comes with a 3.6 L V6 engines, having 292 horses to run. While when we go across the V8, there is a 5.7 L engine, having 300 – 363 horses to run. Besides the performance, Chrysler 300 has a spacious seating capacity with ample space in the trunk. It’s completely a delicious burrito with loads of beans and chicken. Precisely it’s hard to find chicken in Taco, but Chrysler 300 can help you find it with its massive speed and acceleration.

Chrysler 300

8. Mazda 6:

Mazda6 has a lot to do with the fans throughout the world. The refined Mazda is an integration of all the past models of this Japanese automobile producer. Starting from the street – legal Mazda to the track driven GT, everything has been included for the 6. This 2.5 L engine car is not just a passenger towing cabin; it’s a performing beast. It has much to offer in terms of acceleration and speed. It has one of the finest cosmetics among the cars of 2016.

Mazda 6

9. Ford Fiesta:

The 2016 Ford Fiesta is a combination of performance and economy. Fiesta is available in both the sedan and hatchback body style. It is pretty good on wallet as it gives the ETA reading for 31 in the city and 43 on the highway. It’s completely a family car with even much to offer in terms of acceleration and speed. Well, Ford has something more to do with this racing baby. The transmission is a bit sluggish for performance driving. Rest Fiesta has the feel of power.

Ford Fiesta

10. Honda Fit:

The 130 hp hatchback has some serious reviews about it. The 2016 Honda Fit has one of the finest fuel economy, measuring 33 mpg in the city and 41 on the highway. A number of enchanting colors are included for the cosmetics. While Fit has three of its models in the market, cheapest being $15,990. Well, Fit is wonderfully a good family car with a 1.5 L eco – friendly engine. Well, some hooks for the touchscreen needs improvisation.

Honda Fit

These cars are selected on the basis of overall features and specifications. You must read the individual reviews of all these cars before taking the buying decision.



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