2019 Nissan Z Review

Overview: Once the Fairlady became the Zombie forever. Well, Nissan does not call it a zombie at all. Instead, it prefers calling it the Z-Car that has served under six generation. While one of the present models we know is the 370Z. Nissan planned to continue this series under the …

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2019 Jaguar XF Sportbrake Review

Overview: Generally what the cars are for? Just to move out to the office, drop the kids to the school, do a long drive with the friends or do groceries with the family. How often would you prefer getting a sports car? Yeah, you would love to see them in …

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2019 Morgan Plus 8 Review

Overview: How would it feel like driving a sports car made in the late 1960s with everything primitive inside and outside? But its driving mechanism is relatively quiet fresh? Well, that is what Peter Morgan’s Plus 8 has for you. The first ever design was built in 1968 on the …

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2019 Porsche Panamera Review

Overview: The Porsche’s executive class vehicles are quite limited. But the available cars are fundamentally excellent and offer a wonderful driving experience. Well, among the Porsche’s executive line, the Panamera takes the highest position. While it is all because of its remarkable design and superb drivetrain. Further, the interior as …

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2018 Honda N-One Review

Overview: The Honda’s Kei car family has improved time to time. These were once a basic car with just a fuel-saving tech. But since last few years, they have grown into the tech-savvy vehicles. Once there was the Life filled with Zest to serve the Japanese market. While the Zest …

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2018 Jeep Renegade Review

Overview: Some classic retro cultures are reviving once again. They were an attraction once for a lot of folks. And again they are becoming a choice for a lot of young drivers. Well, the Jeep Renegade has stepped up with a cosmic design that is much like the old Wrangler. …

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2018 Fiat Doblo Review

Overview: Serving business is like a growing economy. The domestic automobile use guarantees a family traveling index. While the business opportunity vehicles result is developing the business index. Well, every other automobile company serves the business community through their business class vehicles. And the Fiat has been doing this with …

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2018 Lada Kalina Review

Overview: The Russian automaker AvtoVAZ had presented a few concepts for the city cars. And among those few, there had been numerous hits. Just like the Kalina that has been researched since 1993. The company took half a decade to present a supermini to the world. The car was introduced …

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2018 Koenigsegg Agera Review

Overview: A very careful process is involved while producing a mega car. There is a whole of the brain involved in aligning the mechanism, building the design and decorating the interior. And after a very keen job, a mega car is finally produced. The Koenigsegg once introduced the Agera series. …

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2018 Ford S-Max Review

Overview: The Ford’s innovations are pretty lovable at times. And their excelling results are a positive response, some awards and plenty of acclaims. Well, Ford has innovated various sports cars. But here we are talking about a sporty MPV. This is the Ford S-Max that showed up during the 2006 …

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2018 Hyundai Xcent Review

Overview: The hatchbacks remain the favorite family ride in a number of Asian countries. Actually, they look for small cars with lesser fuel and maintenance expenses. And even they look for small size based on the parking issues. Well, if you bring them a hatchback based sedan, they would surely …

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2018 Nissan Pathfinder Review

Overview: Having trouble finding the path? Then let’s step into the Nissan’s Pathfinder to get to our destination. The Pathfinder is among the oldest SUVs from Nissan. Since 1986 this SUV has been in service. Initially, it was found in the mountains and the countryside. But now it could be …

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